Newbie Looking for some advice

Hey guys, I am thinking about starting larp and was wondering if your gear needed to fit the styles of whatever nation you join. I want to go Wintermark but does that mean that I can’t wear a metal helmet with leather armour?

Any help is appreciated

Your gear should fit the nation you’re joining, as defined on the look and feel pages of the wiki. However this should be aspirational rather than prescriptive.

That said there’s no immediate reason that Wintermark couldn’t wear a metal helmet with leather armour dependent on the style of it. Note that the metal helmet wouldn’t do anything mechanically in this situation as the head is already immune to calls and you’ve not got enough coverage for heavy armour [though if you added a chain vest that would be enough].

So overall, yes you should try and fit the look and feel but that will depend on the look of the helmet.

Pictures can help. There is plenty of leather armour in wintermark, try getting some furs to put around belts to make it feel a bit more northern if you can.

Though the helmet won’t help mechanically, wearing a helmet during fighting can be big and clever. A headshot doesn’t mean much IC, but OC it can hurt like heck.