Newbie question on grappling & body contact


I noticed in the rules regarding body contact:

"If there is a referee present before a small fight and both participants wish to grapple or use body contact, then they may let the ref know that they would like to do so. If the ref is satisfied that both participants are happy to do so, and that the area is safe, then they may give permission to grapple. The referee will not give permission to grapple if they are not satisfied that both participants are keen to do so and that the area is safe. "

But what exactly is legal when body contact has been okayed by both combatants and a referee?

Are pulled unarmed strikes allowed (in the way you pull weapon strikes to just be a light touch) if you wanted to IC RP a brawl? Is tripping/wrestling/disarming your opponent allowed? I imagine full on throwing someone is completely dangerous of course.

Just want to clarify to keep it safe incase it ever arises, thanks! :slight_smile:

First up, welcome along to the forums :slight_smile:

This is, and ever has been, a rather contentious issue.

To the best of my knowledge, I’d go for the (light, pulled) strikes, making contact only if actually needed. With a certain amount of wrestling, shoving, tripping and so forth, as long as all parties are comfortable with it. Throws are almost certainly a no, given the lack of crash mats etc.

This usually ends up more “play fighting” than actually wrestling, often with a good amount of coreographed and practised moves.

Which is why the usual place to see much in the way of this is in the Orc Fighting Pit, where they have the venue and the expertise to do it safely and make it look good.

I suspect the eventual answer your question will be “whatever you and your opponent and the ref agree on at the time”.

There’s an older thread on this subject here, which may or may not help.

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So the only situation this is going to come up in is a prearranged fight scene in a controlled location. Within that situation, what’s permissible will be down to the agreement of the participants (and referee) about what they can do safely. If both of you are e.g. experienced with pro-wrestling style stage fighting, then that might be quite a lot. If that isn’t the case, then it might be much more limited.

This is an extremely rare situation overall - I would say the vast majority of players will never use these rules.