Newbie question regarding resources?

Hey all,

Newbie planning on attending their first Anvil here, with a possibly silly question about how resources work for those attending Anvil for the first time.

So, my understanding of it is that resources only generate after events you attend; you’ve got to show up to an event to generate fresh resources for your next event. My main concern, then, is how does that work for your first event? I’ve been working under the assumption I’ll have some crystals from my mana site to start with, but I can’t find anywhere in the FAQs or Wiki that addresses this specifically.


You get the items from your resource at the start of any event you attend. So you’ll get your mana (as well as some rings) in your character pack, which you pick up from the Games Operation Desk (GOD).


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You are technically correct that a Personal Resource generates it’s output after each event. But you also get a bit of a kick start for your first event by getting resources as though you’d had a downtime right beforehand.
(I think this actually applies to a character’s first event but I’m not definite on that, as I’m still on my first character and more experienced people will hopefully fill us in on that.)

So if you were to attend the coming event, you’ll start with the 18 rings that everyone gets plus the mana site output, then get the same again added to your character’s inventory once Downtime closes.

Functionally it feels just as zdouglaz describes, but a Personal Resource’s output is calculated with any modifiers that apply for the Downtime immediately after the event you attended. Your starting resources are also affected by modifiers that applied in the preceding Downtime so it is possible to receive more or less of your resource in your character pack than you were expecting. Most production penalties are temporary and get mentioned in the Winds of Fortune for the previous event (so if attending the coming Summer Solstice AKA Event 3, take a look at the Spring Equinnox 384YE WoF for happenings and options that apply to your territory), while bonuses commonly come from either the WoF or the effects of a sinecure in your character’s home territory.

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Welcome along!

Can confirm, in your character pack at first event you should get:
(some paperwork)
18 rings (cash)
A bunch of mana crystals (cards)
(EDIT: first play pack unaffected by any modifiers)

Mana site is one of the simpler personal resources, but profitable. If you want guidance on use of mana crystal at the event, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

My experience is that the resources you get at your first event aren’t modified by territory bonuses that are based on the number of people with that resource in attendance.

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When you first play a character, you’ll get the standard resource output that character would get.

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Am I right in saying you need to bring phys rep versions of your mana or else you can’t use it?

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Yes - but it doesn’t have to be extravagant, and you can use the same physrep for all of your mana. It could be as simple as a cloth bag of little glass pebbles, or a polished stone pendant.

In practice many people trade without them (especially for large transactions) but the goal is that all resources should have a physrep of some kind.