News from the Other Side of the Hedge (04/04/14)

Just a cross-post of facebook update the Boss has just done. Mostly it’s about the rather sweeping Conclave changes. You can read it here if you like.

A few announcements for all our players. Firstly the late booking deadline for the first event is Sunday. If you want to avoid paying on the gate, you need to send payment before midnight on Sunday.

We’ve spent the last few ten days working flat out on an overhaul of the Conclave. Having more or less completed the review of the rules, we did a complete review of the political structures of the game. For the most part we felt that what was needed was more information and more clarity on the wiki about how things worked - and we’ll be working on that next. But with the Conclave we felt very strongly that we hadn’t got the original design right.

Having completed the changes to the Conclave we have now overhauled all the pages on the wiki with the new content. The starting point is here: … l_Conclave - with links to all the new content for the Conclave. There is a short summary page listing how the new Conclave procedures work still to come, but otherwise it is 99% complete.

Obviously changes like this have a big impact on the game and we know that any change is always disruptive, so we’ve done our best to lay out why we’ve changed things and the theory behind the new Conclave on the Conclave design page ( … ave_design)

To minimize the impact, any existing player who wants to register themselves with an order can do so by emailing PD. The character creation system has been updated to allow new magician characters to select an order automatically.

Finally, one of our players, Chris Wilkin, passed away during the winter. We will be holding a short memorial service to remember Chris on Saturday morning 9am at the senate building. This means that the building will be time-out from 9am til 10am on Saturday morning. Everyone who wishes to remember Chris is welcome to attend.