News from the Other Side of the Hedge (14/03/14)

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Andy Raff here again, just letting people know that the Reikos territory overhaul, which is in the same style as the Skarsind one I did the other day, is now live. it’s here →

Reikos is full-on lost at the moment; the Druj own almost all of it. A few plucky chapters hold out here and there, but the mechanics of the game encourage them to become refugees - the production of their resources is halved.

I always keep in mind that the players whose stuff is in Reikos chose to connect themselves to a territory that was in trouble. We have to walk a careful line between making their lives difficult, and the appearance of punishing them for a decision that breeds good narrative, provides endless plot opportunities, and helps them and their friends care about the made-up world we’re living in.

In the coming months, I know some them may choose to sadly abandon their holdings and take their Chapters into exile in Bastion, Casinea or Necropolis. Others will grit their teeth and stick it out. Both groups will have strong narrative reasons to want to focus their attentions on recovering Reikos. Even without thinking about things like the Gardens at Chalcis which are crying out to be turned into an Imperial Title of some sort once the place is in Imperial hands again.

For me this is important because it means that the Downtime System is working the way I always hoped it would. The nebulous “stuff” that happens between events has an impact on the field and the direction of the campaign. The people with resources in Reikos at the moment may lose some of their stuff - but I believe they make up for it by getting a kind of validation of their characters and their story. A horrible, horrible validation … but that’s what happens when the Druj take your territory

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PS) I’m doing either Karsk or Holberg next, because I have access to completed maps for them. If anyone is in a position to give Daisy Abbott alcohol, appreciation or alcohol-appreciation in the next few weeks they should take the opportunity to do so. No reason.

(ETA) Alcohol, apparently, oils the wheels of cartography, rather than chocolate