News from the Other Side of the Hedge (24/03/2015)

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Alright! A long update because I’ve been singularly failing to update things due to all the other work.

As always, when we change stuff we put it here → … ki_Updates and when the Boss remembers he transfers appropraite bits to the rules changes page and then e-mails people. But this page is a better place to look than obsessively refreshing the Recent Changes list.

[size=150]Winds of Fortune[/size]
This is something I am quite excited by to be honest, and represents a lot of hard work especially from Dan Williams.

We’re trialing out…/378YE_Winter_Solstice_… for this event.

These are opportunities - like random events in a board game although not entirely random. They present things that are happening in the world that effect the people in it.

Four of them are proper opportunities - one-off chances for the Empire to gain advantages with side-effects (or suffer reversals with possible up-sides). These nay or may relating to boggart faeces.

(Boggarts being, before I forget, a classification of eternal beastie - essentially vermin of the Realms that are at the bottom end of whatever scale it is that Eternals are at the top of).

In each case, a number of suggestions have been laid out IC by the civil service for ways these situations could be capitalised on - or these problems solved (depending how you look at it).

There’s also a section for more event-like … events … things that anyone in the Empire might know about that have a wide-scale effect (the weird effects on Miaren, Kallavesa and the whole of Wintermark). In future these might form part of Winds of Magic but - as I’m sure you can imagine - we’re probably not doing a big magical effect this event given all the changes to magic we’ve done already …

If these go well - and by well I mean people engage with them - I’m hoping we’ll see a lot more.

[size=150]Ritual Theory[/size]
Some of you will already have seen this, but we’ve finall (finally!) put up a load of in-character details about magic theory as it relates to rituals. You can learn about it here → … ual_theory. It deals with known laws and limits of magic, and there is a page on each of the six realms that talks about what is, isn’t and could be appropriate or inappropriate for the realms.

We’ve still got a little way to go - we focused entirely on things that were relevant to people who might want to make arcane projections (…/Spontaneous_magic…) that create spontaneous magical effects.

One of the big things this does is to do with Eternals. It’s always been the case that you can’t make a ritual that deals with an Eternal without that Eternal’s assistance, but we’ve made that a lot more solid and applied it to all areas of the game - including spontaneous missives and boxes. You need the assistance of the target Eternal to make a missive ritual. Although you’ll be pleased to know that Missive for Sadogua continues to work fine!

We’ve made a few modifications based on this. Operate portal now has a functionality where it can be used to communicate with an Eternal who is expecting the communication - and we’ve modified Swim Leviathan’s Depths to use this new method of communication and showcase how it works.

The gist is that if Sadogua (say) makes a deal to swamp something for 21 measures of dragonbone, rather that doing a ritual to send that stuff to Sadogua you would bring it to the Imperial regio at an agreed time, cast Operate portal, and exchange goods with a herald, or a big giant glowing head, or a hole in space or what have you.

This also gives some extra uses to enmity (which prevents this happening), but that’s a very specific thing.

I wasn’t sure we would get this up before the event, if I’m honest … but we did. Huzzah! Most of the information around how they get build is here → … erial_navy

There’s some information missing because we evaluated it and it was a massive amount of work to get it sorted in time and frankly not entirely relevant given the empire hasn’t got an Imperial navy.

I did consider spoilering it more, but I just wasn’t comfortable telling people things they would base their decisions IC on that might turn out not to be true.

[size=150]Winds of War[/size]
These have been delayed, but if everything goes to plan they will go up tomorrow. We noticed at the last minute that we’d failed to take into account some rituals (on both sides) that were fairly significant. The results are in now sorted and getting written up.

Just to tease; of the various theatres of war, the empire has won more engagments than it’s lost. And if you have been keeping an eagle eye out you might already know one of the places the Empire has won hands-down.

You’ll find out more (dear God I hope) tomorrow.

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