News from the Other Side of the Hedge First Fit (22/01/2015)

Raff here. A day late, but it’s been a busy 24 hours. I warn you this is not going to be a short post. You may want to skip it entirely and just enjoy the picture of the kitten and the cosmic fish. That said, on we go.

The boss and I set out a little while ago to make the rules changes we’d agreed last year up in Ultima Thule with Graeme. Unfortunately, as we started to review the bits of the wiki we needed to change it became increasingy clear that parts of it were, to put it bluntly, a confused mess. So we spent a week reorganising rules pages and sorting out the purple navigation bar along the top of the wiki. We kind of threw a lot of pages up at two years ago, and as we added more content the entire thing was starting to creak alarmingly in places. We’re not finished, by a long shot, but the core pages around the rules and magic are looking a lot more organised. It should be easier to find important content such as the tules on weapons and armour, on spellcasting, on magic items and on various calls. For example, we’ve actually clarified and made explicit a bunch of rules around bonding magic items ( … agic_items) that were previously a little bit … difficult to find. Poke the menus. We’ve filled in some blanks, and will fill more in over the next month.

Still needs more pictures, though, to my mind.

So, on to the main event - the rules changes and new stuff. I’ve already mentioned venom, so immagonna skip over that.

When the boss asked me to check over the new TIME FREEZE call I was (briefly) ecstatic, with visions of finally dusting off all my celerity and teleport spell effects. Sadly, it turned out to be a trick and this was actually a safety call. Gutted. You can read about it here but the gist is If you hear this call, you should stop any fighting, stop talking and listen for further instructions. It’s a call only referees will be making. At least until I convince everyone that what Empire needs is a bunch of superfast movement and turn-based combat.

Oh and we also clarified the MAN DOWN call - because it turned out we had two slightly different versions of it. You can read the one-true-wording on the same page as TIME FREEZE.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we’re changing the rules on battle magic. I’ve mentioned it before obliquely, and the boss explains many of our reasons on the update page here. The short summary of the changes are:

  • No spells have sympathy. Weakness, Venom and Paralysis only effect their target.
  • Offensive spells no longer take 10 seconds to cast and can’t be interrupted. They operate in a manner similar to heroic blows now, but with very different roleplaying and spell vocals.
  • You don’t waste your mana. This is a general change and effects regular spellcasting as well - if the effect is interrupted or fails to take, you keep the mana. We’re looking at ways we can extend this axiom to ritual magic as well, within certain parameters.
  • We’ve increased the reward for using the two standard Philtres of the High Peaks. They now restore 2 and 5 personal mana respectively, up from 1 and 3. While this change is mostly aimed at letting battle magicians cast more spells, I like it because it also gives a slight helping hand to apothecaries and it doesn’t hurt that other spellcasters will be able to get a little extra bang for their magical buck.

Another major rules change is that paralysis is now treated a little bit like impale. If the strike that carries the paralysis charge hits heavy armour, the spell doesn’t work. MASS PARALYSIS still works on you even if you are in full plate and packing steel - but the normal spell needs to be employed with a bit more precision. Our main reasoning for this change is that without sympathy, paralysis simply overshadows warriors on the battlefield. We spent ages discussing other alternatives, but this is the restriction that is most convincing.

Oh we added a new spell. You can find it []here. Purge is an offensive spell like swift heal, but where that spell restores all your hits this one purifies any venom or weakness - but it also blasts you free of any entangle or paralyse effects you might be under. The spell is one of the most requested incantations to date, and after a lot of discussion we decided it would make a cool addition to the game. Don’t get too excited though - it’s still a 2 mana point spell to cast. It should be available to spend experience points on … now I think? Or possibly first thing in the morning.

While you’re looking at Purge, we’ve also expanded the spell list out so each spell get’s it’s own page, although they’re all tabulated on the spellcasting page. In addition to the streamlined rules, these spell pages will have some setting information, notes on the spells and - assuming I don’t go insane before I find someone to help me with it - some sample spell vocals to give people who are suffering writer’s block a head start.

They’re stubbed at the moment because I still have some content to create. It’ll be great content, very now, very fetch.

===Gear of War===
We’re well aware that these changes have “broken” a bunch of items and rituals and we’re slowly working our way through fixing them up. Most of them are getting minor tweaks, some are getting more major tweaks, they should mostly end up doing similar or at least related things. You’ll just need to be patient for a few days. I anticipate another post here once we’re done, don’t panic.

===Battlefield Rituals===
We introduced the idea of doing battlefield rituals - rituals you didn’t need a ref for - last year. After seeing how they worked, we’ve made a few tweaks. The main change is that you won’t be able to perform rituals that create ongoing enchantments without a ref. We’ve removed rituals that don’t have an instantaneous or short-term effect. As the boss says, we think that the admin involved in an enchantment is just too much for a player to perform.

===Other Ritual Changes===
Damn. This is far too long.

I’ll talk about the ritual changes in my next post.

===In Conclusion===
Battle magic faster and more reliable; paralyse blocked by heavy armour; new spell; some potions new and improved flavour;


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