Niches to fill in my Nation

To help New Players choose a part of the Nation briefs that need people to fill it, what are the gaps in your Nation at the moment?

Off the top of my head in Highguard I’d say we only have a few groups of primarily priests and of them none of them are dedicated to Courage or Wisdom. We do definitely have groups heavily aligned with Prosperity and Loyalty.

Also we don’t have so many groups of dedicated Unconquered we’ve got plenty of heavy Cataphracts and Guardians though.

What about your nation, what cool stuff would you like to see new players come in and do?

I think some more Archer Sentinels, Briars of any description and Day ritualists might find good niches in Urizen. I play none of those things but I think a few more of any of those would be great.

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In Highguard I think the following concepts are under represented at a group level:

  • Wayfarers interested in international politics and preaching to foreigners

  • Guardians as spear & shield medium infantry

  • Archivists as a biography printing house, bringing the fact finding, writing and publishing under a single group

  • Gardeners as a Spring and Winter focused benefactor / magister / apothecary group. There was a great group of recently freed ex-gardeners that was around for a short while but I’m pretty sure the players moved on to other characters. The idea of it, though, is pretty cool, given the HG brief.

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Dawn is pretty solid. Light on priests of Wisdom or Prosperity. No substantial Autumn covens in play at the moment, so that might be nice.

Actual heretics of Glory would fit, but is not reccomended for new players.

Pick and choose whatever here :slight_smile:

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The game in general is light on Ambition priests.

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Wintermark has between 400 and 500 players in. Yet their is not a single dedicated out and out group of Maggots.

They’ve turned up in plot - a trader group mentioned in the Winds called the Red Maggots come to mind, so they exist. There is none. I think this would be amazing and antagonistic group niche to fill that would likely get on famously with groups outside the nation (they’re traders in it for themselves?What’s not to love?) while being famously hated.

The other thing we appear to be lacking (relatively for size) is Halls actually from Kallavesa. While there are plenty of Kallavesi, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of dedicated combat based Kallavesi presented via inspiration, i.e. not sword and shield. A group of crazy Kallavesi warriors I think is a great niche that is missing.

But mostly Maggots, I would certainly say we have characters that act like the Maggot brief, but not “out and proud” maggots and I think that’s a dam shame, Dawn got their goddam Disney villains (you know who you are) where’s ours?



  • Townie alderfolk.
  • Another Monastery.
  • A bunch of creepy insular (and that’s creepy and insular for the MARCHES!) bregas Merrow.
  • More Threshers here to beat up on Wrong, Bad Magic.

There is a new chapter joining Highguard who are all unconquered ,10 new to empire players. I hope they are still keen to come next year.


Seconding this - going purely by Synod members, at the last event there were only 18 Ambition priests. The next smallest Virtue Assembly was Courage at 27, so that’s a massive difference. They also, coincidentally, had the lowest average voting strength.

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We will be there… I had interest from more than 10 people before Covid hit and we will be recruiting, once the game resumes.


i don’t get why there isn’t more maggots in winter mark. 100% want to play one next lol

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(Opinion) It’s probably because they don’t get treated well by their nation. Not many people want to go to a game to intentionally be ostracized. As a result, I imagine most maggots would largely be spending time in other national camps…so why not just create a character for one of those nations instead?

that’s fair. i guess from a game point of view its great but i can see how it would be draining to keep up for a long term

The Cenotaph are a Wisdom Sect . Though a few characters have gone and got dedicated to other virtues

If I ever got desperate enough to play Wintermark, it would be as a maggot :stuck_out_tongue:

Theatre Troupes in the League!
Lots of characters act sometimes as a sideline, and there are groups/guilds that perform plays, but mostly that’s not their main thing (for example, a group that’s primarily a chapter of the Reckoner’s Guild rather than a Troupe, even though they perform plays).

The Single Ring Strolling Players all died or retired, so I’m aware of only one actual Troupe at present: the Four Rivers Theatre has had a presence at every Empire event, but gradually over the years it’s had more people leaving than joining, until now it’s just my character (and the troupe’s theatrical masks, props, plays etc.)

So there are niches for…

  • at least one new troupe (new to Anvil, but could be long-established in the Empire) and
  • characters in my troupe, if OOC we get on. (Characters could be long-standing troupe members who just haven’t been part of the trips to Anvil, or could be new members, or even join in play).