Night lore in Urizen

reading the Urizen culture’s brief, it seems that passion, intuition and vagueness are a bit frowned upon (though i know they are not emotionless robots). Is night lore a viable option for an Urizin mage?
i dont plan on rituals being my character’s main focus, more of a supplement. and i may join a coven, but will mostly operate solo.

Seeing how the current Arch Mage of Night is Urizeni I should think so.


Yup magic is magic is magic to those crazy mountain wizzards :slight_smile:. I’m not sure there is any particular nation that is prejudiced against Night, Spring yes but not Night.


The Urizen recognise emotion can be a powerful motivator. The point of Poise is not to deny emotion it is to channel it to constructive uses under the command of the mind.

Harnessing night is about harnessing and directing that emotion to the outcomes you want. We have a very strong set of night covens, led by the Umbral reflection and the archmage of night. To understand a thing is the first step towards mastery after all.


Night Magery is quite popular in Urizen and we have one of the larger Night covens… While passion and vagueness is frowned upon in the Urizen nation this is because the Urizen believe in ‘thought before deed’. so you are expected to think about what you are going to do and then do… not go off half cocked. Night actually has a good deal of thinking involved in it and and you can indulge your passion, as long as you do not let it rule your actions…:slight_smile: