No mass gathering until October?

Just reading through some of the covid gumpf from the Gov dated the 17th of July. Linked from the iPhone news app.
In it was This little snippet.

Outdoor sporting events

From October, audiences will be able to return to stadia for sports and performances, and conferences and other events can recommence, but “these changes must be done in a Covid-secure way, subject to the successful outcome of pilots”.

I think I recall a PD statement saying something along the lines of, once sporting event crowds can gather again then Empire will continue… so is this the final nail in the 2020 season y’reakon?

I’d wait for an official statement from PD, rather than speculating


I also noticed that. Even those gatherings are going to be with social distancing among seated spectators.

I believe that PD have stated in the past that the “packed sports stadiums” level of allowable crowds will be their signal to resume events.

But as noted, we should wait for an official comment.


Yeah, they’ll be an announcement in due course, which from previous experience is about a month before the event. So I wouldn’t try to anticipate that.

(Locked as there’s nothing really more that can be said on the topic)


Empire is not a sporting event and isn’t in a stadium. It would count under camping rules as it’s tents and outside so is fine.

True, but there is much more close physical contact than at a campsite. As Mark has said above, it will be difficult to know until closer to the time.

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