Non-magical reliquaries

Our band has recovered a plot item that as far as we can tell has no magical properties, however it is a tracked item - has a ribbon and an ID and sits in a small box that we call a reliquary. Specifically, the item is a trinket/relic of an Empire’s significant past event with no immediate apparent use.

Given it has a ribbon and therefore should in theory count as a magic item, and should be bondable to, can we bond it to our sect and use for shared hallow as a crafted reliquary would?

I don’t think ribbons automatically make it magical.

We have a letter which has a ribbon, I assume this is so plot can track and reference it.

The ribbon means it’s a valid target for Skein of Years and perhaps other divination.

It possibly also means it might be a viable target to tireless hammer rhythm into a reliquary.

A ribbon just means it’s something we want to be able to track and work out responses to when people come in and use various skills on it. It does not automatically mean that it is bondable, or that it is a mechanical reliquary, even if it looks somewhat like a physrep for such.

If you want to find out more about it, including whether it is bondable, get a magician to investigate it IC.

In short, all magic items have ribbons, not all ribboned items are magic.