Non-PD tent hire

Hey all!

PD tent hire is fully booked for E3, is there anywhere that people would recommend to hire from?

How big do you need?

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Nothing huge, just something that we can sleep IC in.

We being 2 or 3 people.

Right ok.

I’ll talk to the driver who brings me. I have two 6foot a frames which did us (two big lads) very nicely. They are IC with good quality canvas.

If I can bring them I would like any two resources per tent for the season.

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Sounds interesting.

Do you have pictures? What day are you planning on arriving at the next festival?

Hi folks if you’re going to make this an IC trade can you take this to private messages or IC email please.



Back to OC tent hire: any suggestions anyone?

I thought that there was a company or two around that did it.

Think Lala at Das Shoppe may do it? Think they are on a put them up yourself basis mind

ah thanks, I’ll give her a shout!