Noodle Breakfasts

Hi there. Seasons Greetings to you all. Tis the season to be jolly and all that whatnot.
Being jolly and eating breakfast definitely go together, though this is a slightly tenuous link I guess.
Down in Noodle Towers we are trying to come up with breakfast. We don;t want to step on anyone’s toes and while a few have expressed a desire for rice or noodles for breakfast (me included) I know it’s not for the masses. So, where do we go with this? What do you want? Keeping it simple-ish, I’m thinking Noodle Omlettes, (can we call them Nomlettes?). The current idea is that we have either a meaty sausage & bacon one or veggie sausage & bacon one. Both would come with a home made hash-brown inside a bagel. Served with a can of drink or an instant tea/coffee. How does this sound to you the eaters?

Singapore Prawn Mee Soup. (Or somesuch)

Great breakfast, plays to your strengths.

A sausage & bacon nomlette, home made hash-brown, all inside a bagel…

That sounds lovely!
It might be easier to eat if it was in a wrap rather than a bagel, but I would certainly want to try one of those!!!

Sounds good to me.

So do the new ideas.

I agree with Paul_Cat’s principle that it’s good to keep things convenient to handle, minimising the number of hands required to carry and eat the breakfast: it’s not always practical to sit at a table to eat.