++Number 7 Will Shock You!++

You may have seen the recent post about “12 things about lineage” go past the other day. We’ve also got a couple of other random Buzzfeed-style lists you may not have seen:

10 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL VOLUNTEER MONSTERING (http://bit.ly/Avoid_When_Monstering) which has some excellent bespoke images made by an idiot with MS-PAINT

13 THINGS PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT HEALING (http://bit.ly/Healing_List) and it’s cousin 13 THINGS PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT COMBAT (http://bit.ly/Combat_Tips) which are both still correct I think

11 THINGS ABOUT IMPERIAL TECHNOLOGY (http://bit.ly/Empire_Technology) which is one of my favourites and contains information about the mundane(ish) ways that the Empire world differs from Medaevil expectations.