OC and IC Creating of a guild / group / coven / troupe etc

Greetings all - so - I’m wanting to get more people to join my groups that I’m creating IC. I want to provide a place, OC, for any League solo players to get game and help them work together. I’m fully aware that, IC this can be done by showing off the benefits etc - but there will be solo players out there who might be signing up and might feel a bit at loss. I did when starting and want to help those without groups to attend with.
I don’t want to ruin the find-out-in-field aspect but, also, similarly, could argue that, before ‘coming to Anvil’, conversations would be had, posters going up i taverns/apothecaries etc and recruitment drives for new people would occur.
How far can I go on the socials in regards to ‘putting up a poster’ and asking people to join my [insert group type] here.?
Am I the only one that this applies to - sorry if so. If not, how have you got around it?
Thanks to all in advance.

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Your best bet is to post on your nations FB page, detailing who your group is and your attitude to the game (out for the most money, want all the power, mostly ballgowning etc), put on the end that your are actively recruiting and add some contact details for anyone who is interested.

Some people may prefer to make contact before the event, at least to say they might be interested, others will come see you once we’re in the field, and it may take more than one event to make a decision so be patient.

Your biggest thing is to have a clear plan of what you want to do, achieve, ethos etc so people can decide whether that feels right for their character plans too.


I think you’re right to do this fairly softly.

An advert in the League forums here and the League FB page, along the lines of:
“This group recruiting, plenty of support for new and solo players, a place to get started, group themes are X Y and Z, contact for further details”

Make yourself available, make it known that you’re willing to help, and perhaps some IC recruitment in the game (in terms of pamphlets in IC areas?).

Focus more on OOC recruitment than IC discussions, and I think you’ll be fine.

The relevant bit on the wiki, which may put it clearer than I:



Thank you - I have read this and now have a way of going forward - thanks!!!

Just so I’m clear, do you want to set up an IC event or gathering at a main event for new players to meet each other and network? Or are you setting up a group in the League for new players to join, a small new guild, new free company or something else?

Here’s what the rules say on the subject of IC Announcements and Adverts.

It’s fine to make an IC poster which says “Franco di Sarvos is setting up a business network and looking to hear from other people - please write to him to book a consultation about mutual prosperous endeavours” or “The Salon di Sarvos is happening at x date, time and place, for new arrivals in Anvil to gossip and discuss with like minded citizens” and post it on our social media spaces.

Our rule is that you should then post it in the most relevant FB group and the correct forum area here.

What you shouldn’t do is get into planning how to achieve IC goals, do any negotiations, or have any IC conversations in the post or comments. If people want to talk in depth OOC they can message you, or send you IC letters, that’s also fine.

Also don’t say “You see this poster across the Empire". If you do this, you’re starting to narrate the reality of the world, which is not permitted.

We also ask if you’re making a nice IC poster image make sure the plain text is included alongside the image to make it accessible. And if you’re advertising online please endeavour to do so IC as well, put up the poster up in the Hub for example.

Finally be careful not to spam new player’s posts with comments advertising your group.

The rules are all about not getting unfair advantage by doing things on the internet rather than on the field.

If you’ve got any further questions about your ideas I’d email new.player@profounddecisions.co.uk and if it’s specifically about social media and moderation stuff you can contact the mod team at mods@profounddecisions.co.uk.


Thank you @Mark_Wilkin