OC Announcement - Language

Hi everyone - we’ve had a couple of incidents this year with participants misgendering other players. We understand that mistakes are easy to make and a lot of language use is fairly instinctive but we do want to make clear that we won’t tolerate deliberate misgendering of participants. We’ve updated the rules on the wiki for language use at events to make this clear.



May I ask PD how they are going to tell when a person is being deliberate in misgendering an individual because i’ll be honest I do not know if i could unless they stand there after being told and are seen by many people to do it. that is the only time a person i can see if being caught.

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I’d say that’s a thing to ask PD about if you want a more specific answer; I don’t know. I’d say just keep a watch; if you spot behaviour like that check in with the person on the receiving end and see if they need support.

For most of us it’s about modelling behaviour as in the rules; in the same way we try to modify our language to avoid ‘boys’, we can take note of preferred pronouns and make it the norm. Those who can’t be bothered, or who wilfully break the rules will soon stand out like a sore thumb.