OC Awesomeness & thanks

I know we’ve frothed about all the awesome IC things that happened, but I thought I’d just have a nod to a few times where people really went above and beyond for us OC.

[ul]] The Crimson Foxes who, whilst waiting for the trailer to come and pick up their kit, bustled over to our tent like a swarm of tidy locusts./:m]
] Simon D who planned the whole League camp and then lent us a lamp because we didn’t have an electric one./:m]
] Will S and Dan for bringing a huge van full of our stuff, uncomplaining, and random-new-friend Lisa for helping us pack and being pleasant company on the drive home./:m]
] Various people who let me steal their chairs to sit and feed my baby./:m]
] The Virtuous Company and Laura of Dawn for opportunely-timed baby cuddles which let me have free hands when I badly needed to./:m]
] Holbucks for OC tea and morning pleasantries. OH BOY YES./:m]
] All of the caterers including Tykes, Noodleman, Appleby’s and Feast for cheering service in a muddy field./:m]
] The volunteer loo cleaners. Paragons of courage!/:m][/ul]