(OC) Fundraising for the Anvil Library

This is a fund-raising post on behalf of the Anvil Library

If you don’t know what we do - we’re right next to the Hub. Pretty much everything that’s on the Empire wiki (and more) and that can be converted into in-character documents, has been and is on sale or available for reference

We also have a reference library containing player-created publications and periodicals (including three copies of “On The Nature of the Vallorn” - at some point we’re going to have to start co-ordinating our purchases) and, just started last event, a coffee shop called “Oh Crumbs!”

Now keeping this running isn’t cheap - last event we spent around £500 on printing and set dressing and we’ll probably be spending another £300 (including finally getting the shelving sorted out). Now we’re not expecting to cover all of that through donations, but, if you have any cash to spare and think that the Library is a brilliant resource for the game, please can you donate via Paypal to glongford2@gmail.com

Thank you for your time

(going forward, we’re looking into a more regular and reliable sources of funding (possibly a Patreon, maybe something else)