OC Notice: Beer Brewing Competition

Hey all!

Purely OC notice, as people may need some prep time: Next event, the Navarr are holding Autumnfest. A beer brewing competition, in association with the Alehouse and Brewers Union.

If anyone would like a digital copy of the flyers that were out last event, and are being handed round by Navarri travellers, drop me a line.

If you want to put up a picture of the flyer up on here it’s cool to advertise events, festivities, competitions and the like. You’ll just need to host the image somewhere, imgur.com is a good choice if you don’t already have a place to put it.

Ah wonderful, in that case:

Exact details are still being worked out, will update here as soon as they are confirmed.

Time: Saturday 5pm. In the public space of the Navarri camp.

  1. Entrants can submit as many different beers as they like.
  2. Entrants can submit as much beer as they like, to allow demonstrations of prosperity.
  3. There is no minimum volume required for entry, to allow even the smallest brewery to have Pride, however at least 1 pint is advised, for judging purposes.
  4. Beers will be judged out of 30 (10 from each judge), and the judges decision is final.
  5. After the competition, any remaining beer will be available to imperial citizens for a donation. This will be operated as a Freeborn-style “honesty” bar with a suggested donation of 3 rings per pint. Profits will go towards the cost of building a College of Summer Magic.

Silly question: Does it have to be home brewed beer? My home brew will stand up fine again others, but is not up to the quality of bought beer.

Yes! It is a beer brewing competition!

Unless Mr Morland or Mr Wychwood etc themselves attend!