++ OC Updates ++ Autumn 381YE

Hi Everyone,

We’re just about finished with all the IC updates for the event now, what remains is for me to talk about some of the important out-of-character updates.

The simple stuff first - we’ve updated the wiki with the OOC details for the next event including a list of traders booked. We’ll try and get the force weightings for the battles on there some time today.

We’ve also made a final minor rules tweak to the IC-information available to egregores - they now have information about some of the conjunctions happening over the weekend which they will be looking to pass on to the appropriate characters. You can read more details on the Rules Updates 2017 page.

The big change is the overhaul of our rules for conduct and the processes reporting discrimination and harassment at events. I would be grateful if everyone took the time to read the page for conduct in particular - there are some important changes to what we expect from all participants and the rules are relevant to everyone who attends the event regardless of who they are.

The newly published rules represent what we will be running with at the next event, but we’ll continue to listen to feedback from everyone involved in the game. Over winter we’ll be looking at what further changes we can make to improve our approach to these issues and to create a better game for everyone.

Finally, please note that our payment server is down for some inexplicable reason. It’s far too close to the event to contact them to find out what has gone wrong now - but we can take payment by phone up til 8pm tonight. So you can still use the website to book until that time if you want to beat the queue on the gate, but if you’re paying by card then you’ll need to ring the office (0845 0944 798) so that we can process the payment for you.


Matt Penington,
Profound Decisions.