"Of Passions and Virtues" Spoken Word Competition - E2 2016

Here they lie - and so shall ever be
‘Til mould and years reclaim this tree!
Think not of what they may have done,
If of their words you have heard none
For if their echoes do not sound
Then you may lay me in the ground
And plant above a seed of elm,
That I may grace another Realm.

  • Declaration of the Book, K. Wordsmith

Officially OOC announcing:
“Of Passions and Virtues” Spoken Word Competition - E2 2016

Time and place: SATURDAY 4pm onwards, Aurelius Tent / Glory Square, Dawnish Camp.
End: 6pm at the latest because the tent is needed by the group for other matters.
**Point of contact: **Kahendrin Wordsmith (me), Dawn
IC flier/invite/etc to follow, please share this post to other Empire LRP groups.

What is it:
A Spoken Word contest! For poetry OR short prose stories relating to the Empire world, with the theme of ‘Of Passions and Virtues’ to interpret however you like.
All details subject to change, please see this master GDOC for the most updated rules and any IC text:

How will it work:
*Each performer will be introduced by name/nation. Before any of the performers begin there will be an introduction and the ‘sacrifice poem’ by me to make sure the judges know what they need to do (see below).
*Each performer will have a maximum of 3 minutes performance time with grace time of +1 minute in case of weather, interruptions, restarts, or other factors. Persons going over 5 minutes may be REPEL’d out of the performance area.
*Each performer will be judged by the ‘Hammer & Tongue’ style number system: several audience members act as judges and score the performance out of 10 (no lower than 6 or we will glare at you). Out of 5 judges the topmost and lowest scores are chopped off, the last three give a number out of 30 as the score.
*Additional to the above: audience reaction, applause, laughter, performance, etc will all count!
*The absolute final decision is with Kahendrin Wordsmith (me).

What’s in it for me:
The top 3-5 persons (depending on numbers) will be selected to go through to a second round as part of an Audience in the Night Realm with the eternal Janon (he’s on the wiki).
IF YOU ARE NOT A MAGE: we will try and get an item to help get you into the Hall of Worlds in order to do this. You will need to perform again in this audience. I will try and bring a light in case of Night Realm Lighting.
As far as I am aware the Audience will run on Sunday. Time TBA.

*Those who go to the final round in front of Janon will be able to ask for a boon (might be all of you, might be the winners).
*In general: other mundane prizes TBA, depends what I actually have time to make in the meanwhile. At this stage there is not a cash prize.

How to enter: (Format subject to change)
*Find Kahendrin Wordsmith (dark blue and gold velvet blur, Cambion) and get your name on the list to enter. I would also like PID numbers for my reference so I can hand this to the NPC heralds later, if you do NOT want to hand over your PID that is perfectly fine.
*Turn up at the Aurelius tent at 4pm on Saturday of E2!
*If you can’t find me (likely!) TURN UP ANYWAY and we’ll add you on.
*There is no entry fee - anyone wishing to pay hospitality to House Aurelius’ members may do so if that is appropriate.
*There is currently no upper limit on numbers for entries - or audience. We can use the Glory Square if needed. Judges’ score boards can be moved around if numbers are lower, increased if higher, we can always ad-lib!

**FAQ / Rules: **(Will add more as I figure them.)
-Anyone from any nation can enter.
-No violating PD’s rules regarding content/equality/diversity. Doing so will result in an immediate disqualification and being reported to a ref.
-Keep your criticism IC. Performance of any kind is hard, creative works are hard, keep your snark under wraps or direct it only at persons that you know well enough OOC to be able to take it.
-Minimal or no props. You may not use extra people, bodies, items, special effects (within reason) or otherwise during the performance.
-You are absolutely allowed to read off of paper/out of books.
-If you have a movement disability and need a seat/bench/wheelchair access PLEASE let me know so I can help with this for you. You do NOT have to be stood up to perform, do whatever is most comfortable.
-YOUR WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN. Plagiarism will be dealt with IC as required and referred to a ref OOC if needed.

And what’s this, a relevant Winds of Fortune you say?

profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … f_my_heart


Awesome, let’s see this get some traction!

Is this open to audience attendance? :slight_smile:

Well as it’ll probably be in the Glory Square in Dawn depending on the weather crosses fingers I’d say it demands an audience :smiley:.

And the second round is being held in an eternal audience that’s open to all, so if that’s something your character would be up for go for it :slight_smile:.