Offering Transport to Site from Manchester

Hello all, I am thinking of renting/buying a crew van and am looking if people are interested in buying a space from your house with all your kit to site and back? Door to Door so to speak. I worked out that £50ea would cover my costs in petrol and time. I would be planning to head down on the Thursday and come back on the Sunday. I am just putting feelers out and gauging interest but if people are or want to know more PM me please

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May be worth cross posting here if you haven’t already:

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Will do, Thanks

Hello all. I have my Van/Taxi and can offer space for kit and people to the site door-to-door. I live in Glossop but am happy to come and collect people in Manchester and the surrounding area. PM me if you want details. I am planning on heading down Thursday late morning/ noon-ish to return Sunday.