On selling nibble bits

As a matter of clarification for an idea that I’ve got, how badly is selling in a location (say like Conclave) usually viewed IC?

Asking for…uh… market research reasons? nods

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Given the amount of hungry people around wherever, you’re probably fine as long as you’re not loud and disruptive.

I’ve had great success selling savories in the Hub at midnight, and selling popcorn outside the Senate, or mince pies quietly in a corner of Conclave, will likely be very popular…


They’ve had a bar in Conclave once so I think quietly moving round selling delicious nibbles on a tray wouldn’t be out of place.

And you could duck in and out to sell round the regio during peak Whispers Through the Black Gate time too :slight_smile:.


Thank you for the clarification.

Now to get the list together and figure out what to bake/make

Savoury things are good if you can come up with something. Plenty of sweet options on the field, so would give you something memorable too.

Vegan options also useful, for feeding the widest range of allergies.

Just keep a list of ingredients, the variety and strength of allergies seen on the field is large!


On the plus side, no nuts and fish/shellfish in my kitchen (allergies for me)…but gluten/dairy is prolly gonna be the biggest cross contamination risk on my side

That being said, I wouldn’t sweat it if making it Dairy/Gluten free is too expensive or pain in the arse. Just make sure that you know what has what.
Honestly, if someone has an intolerance, they will (or should) ask the question before they buy/eat - You bake what you bake best at your own cost to sell on the field for fake money and other peoples intolerance are not your burden to bear.

What’re you thinking? Cheese Scones? Toasties? Various pies?
The suspense is killing me!


Hitting field at E1 next year…so suspense may continue for a bit.

However: scones of varying flavours (including nori/laverbread if I can source it for reasonable in Yorkshire), US style cornbread, cheese/cheese and bacon twists, and maybe dried seed-fruit bags.

(Basically things that I know I’d be happy to eat/that I can shove in my partners’ faces if it doesn’t sell…and that can easily have extras like ‘honey? butter? tahini paste?’ thrown in to a sale)

Scones I’ve previously been able to make affordably vegan friendly, so that’s not a big issue.