On the growth of groups

(I may be jinxing it here, but…)

My group, which I inherited the IC leadership and OOC co-ordination of, seems to be growing. We had 6 members last event, and may be recruiting more.

But I’ve never been in this position before, and would like some advice from those who have:

At what size does a group become a significant level of work to run and maintain? (I’m guessing about 10)

At what point do you think you should invest in a group awning/tent/firepit?

At the moment, we’re very loosely co-ordinated, with little IC direction or synergy. As long as we’re all fine with this, is it likely to remain practical at greater numbers?

And the easier questions: How does one add characters to Banners and Covens in play? Is it just the Bind spell? Does it need a bumblebee noting it?

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On the admin side of things, it costs you one personal mana and either a bumblebee or a trip to GOD to record the addition of the person to the coven/banner/sect.

There isn’t a fixed size at which you should invest in a group awning/tent/firepit. It sounds useful to have for a group of even 3 people, as it can change the dynamic of a group which has to go somewhere to do things to a group where people come to you to do things. Having a nice tent or a warm fire affects that far more than group size.

Loosely co-ordinated large groups will by definition be very variable. If you’re all fine with it then it doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but make sure any new members weren’t expecting a highly co-ordinated group.

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Hi there!

I am a member of the Shattered Tower where we now regularly hit anywhere between 25-40 group members on the field at any one time.

When I first joined the group a couple of years ago we were about 12 members at most (and I believe 8 in the first year). The group has grown naturally through introducing new people to larp and in - game recruitment.

The great thing is that generally we let people do what they want. If we can find ways to tie new members into things that other people in the group are already doing great! If not, we let people play their character how they want (ie. The loneliest Spring mage in Highguard).

We tend to group people together with their appropriate skills/andrchetypes, such as priests, mages, traders, etc. Sometimes this does mean people in the group don’t get to interact together much with others (as a ritual mage I don’t get much of a chance to hang out with the traders for example). But having a large group tent is a great way to have a base and a focus point for people of all areas to come together and chat.

One of our main things though is the Shattered Tower has a common goal and an oath that all members follow. Quite how we follow it is up to the individual player/character, but we use that as a focus. Having a common goal (no matter how vague) creates group unity and it is great to know everyone is working towards the same goal in their different areas of expertise.

It has meant that when situations have arisen, the entire group can band together to stand against a common threat or complete a common goal (and those moments are damn awesome). When it’s over, we go about our general way once again.

Yeah, totally doable, but I recommend a goal or focus for your group, something you can strive towards. It can be something vague from “Protect the walls of Holberg so they never fall” to “We will buy a Bourse seat!” :slight_smile: it’s up to you!

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I am quite lucky in my group in that we have a few reenactors who have group tents. Having a camp to act as a base makes the group much more cohesive just by having a place for everyone to be.


Re bonds:

Create Bond (the spell) will add any number of people to the same banner/sect/coven. Recording this with PD is absolutely necessary - you can do so with any referee in the field, or by assembling in GOD. If you go for the GOD method, please bring everyone, or at least have both everybody’s CIDs and their names.

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