One Piece of advice

If you could only give one piece of advice to a new player what would it be?

Mine would be: Don’t be afraid to ask about something. I’ve seen so many instances of people not getting involved with an element of the game because they don’t understand an element of it but don’t want to look “stupid” by asking a question.

Throw yourself in to it.

You have to go out and find what you are looking for, and grab every opportunity you want to grab.

Make sure you have everything with you you will need to be comfortable ooc as otherwise your immersion & enjoyment of the game will suffer.

If you’re not having fun, don’t be afraid to retire a character and play something else.

(Got that advice before my first fest. My first character wasn’t fun - he’d’ve worked at a short game like the local system, but was too antisocial to be fun for a whole fest event, despite some enjoyable moments - so I rethought and came back at the next event with something a bit more sociable and had a whale of a time. Until I died, anyway, but that’s another story. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Find your comfort zone, draw a line at what you’re ok with doing… and then charge head first over that line as you’re playing a character with different boundaries! (You can always reign it in later, hehe!) Push yourself, and if you feel self conscious about it play a lineaged character with a full mask or prosthetics that make you unrecognisable and hide behind an accent. That way if you decide to retire the character you can just take the mask off and go back to being a bit more yourself.

Don’t shy away from a situation. If you need something go after it and don’t stop till you get it. equally trust your intuition.

I’ve spoiled a lot of roleplay opportunities and lost a few successes because I backed off when I should’ve gone forward. so be confident, if you don’t feel you can go to someone and ally yourself to them and ask them to help you.

Don’t be afraid to stick to your guns. Play your character to the hilt no matter how much trouble you know it is going to get you into. People who don’t back down tend to have more fun (and often shorter lives, but more fun :slight_smile:)

Get the **** out of your camp.

It is perfectly possible to play characters whose entire involvement is within their own faction (or even group), but you will be missing out on 90% of the game. A year or so into the game you can try that, and you may even enjoy it, but at your first event you need to get out there and get involved in as much of the game as possible. I have seen too many people used to small scale (linear) systems fall into this trap and then come back saying “I don’t like fest larp, nothing happens” when in fact they have only been roleplaying with the same 20 people all weekend and the plot was all around them, they just didn’t see it.

And the problem is magnified if you have a whole group consisting largely (or entirely) of newbies…

Go meet people, find out what they do, find out their problems. Then start matching people and problems. It’s like playing Happy Families.

Just make sure you have really good boots first, because doing this will WALK YOUR FEET OFF.

I’m doing something wrong, I swear. I do a lot of wandering around (and hanging around in pubs) and spend very little time in my own nation’s camp… and I’ve never really stumbled across anything to do. Had a lot of great conversations (Drunkeness IS a Virtue, I can totally prove it) but generally end up a bit aimless.

I know there’s things going on, I just don’t seem to have much to do myself!

I know there’s things going on, I just don’t seem to have much to do myself![/quote]

What do you want to do? you have to go and actively seek things out. :smiley:

Well I was hoping to find something to poke my nose into. Next year I’ll have to be more proactive - but first I need to work out exactly how within my character. Maybe I’ll run errands or something.

Have goals.
Something moderately short term for each event and a longer term campaign goal. Nothing gets you involved in plot as fast as setting out to do something and finding it in your way.

Well I was hoping to find something to poke my nose into. Next year I’ll have to be more proactive - but first I need to work out exactly how within my character. Maybe I’ll run errands or something.[/quote]

If someone else in your group has a goal, help them out in every way you can, especially if something involved in that requires your skills.

Failing that, I assume you are a corsair? so mainly a combat orientated character? Maybe speak to your generals, see if there is anything you can help with when off the battlefield. Also (speaking as a squishy mage) squishy mages always are very happy to have someone in armour wonder around with them while they do their squishy mage stuff.

EDIT source: my group has 2 combat dude/dudettes who don’t have much to do outside of the battles, and who act as bodyguards for our various squishy mages. They get to overhear awesome stuff, chat to other bodyguards, and generally act badass all day.

There is one infinite resource that you will never get back.

Do not waste it doing things that are not fun. If you are not enjoying something, fix it. That might involve changing what you do, what you play, or just walking away from a situation.

Don’t be afraid to lose. Losing IC is winning OC. It’s awesome fun if you do it right.

And you get to do it more often than winning IC!

If someone is doing something that you’re not comfortable with and it would not be acceptable in real life, don’t put up with it just because you’re new to roleplaying/the game. Talk to someone you trust about it or complain to the management.

Find a civil servant relevant to your interests and talk to them, including asking questions.

Its what they (we) are there for in Empire.

If all works as it should, this can help:

  • Finding out what is happening, where and when
  • Helping to work out how you can make elements of the game work for your agenda
  • Identifying aspects/facets of the game that are under-represented (e.g. which Synod Assemblies are big and which are tiny)
  • Provide a roleplay encounter with an exciting NPC (excitement not guaranteed)

(NB: this was not always a smooth and flawless process in year 1 but did improve with the Hub and will continue to improve)

Care about something more than you care about surviving. Something you can work towards. Do so, imprudently. The point where you can’t believe that people haven’t killed you yet is where the magic really starts…

People are talking to your character, not your costume. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect/quite basic/the colour isn’t quite right, seriously, everyone is too busy roleplaying with you to notice, and even if they do, they won’t care. Don’t let it worry you, don’t let it hold you back. There is plenty of time for costume improvement between events :slight_smile: