Online Moderation Rules Update

Evening all!

Emma Rowden here, I’m Profound Decisions’ Head of Moderation.

As the Empire online community has grown so much over the last couple of years we took the opportunity over Winter to sit and have a long look at the rules we had relating to the official Facebook groups and the forum.

We’ve thought long and hard about what we’d like these spaces to be used for and how we can use them to enhance people’s enjoyment of the game.

The new rules have been low-key live for a few weeks now to see if there were any obvious bugs that we’d missed and unfortunately the page is a bit of a wall of text at the moment (But I’ll work on that!)

If you use any of Empire’s official Facebook groups or the forums, please take the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with these posting rules. This page also talks about how to report issues, what happens if the rules are broken, and covers useful things like the best way to post IC communications.

I can be reached at or can be found lurking in most threads and am summonable by clicking “Report to group admin” on anything you think might be an issue.

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