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Hi! I’m a new player (new to the forums, too), looking to go to my first event in July. I wanna do out of character camping, but I haven’t seen anywhere that I can book. Should I be concerned?

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Out of character camping comes as part of your ticket, you don’t need to book anything extra (although if you do come on Thursday evening it’s £5 extra on the gate). There’s no allocated pitches and the crew will direct you as to where to pitch your tent when you get to site - just explain you are new and they will point you where to go. :slight_smile:


Welcome along, to the game and the forums :slight_smile:

As Laura noted, out of character (OOC) camping is the default method, so it’s assumed. You don’t need to be concerned.

Crew will give you several options, including a quiet camp, an easy access camp (for those with mobility issues), the main OOC camping field, and the newer OOC field to the SE of the site (which mostly serves Wintermark and Dawn, being close to their large camps).

You then drive/walk to the right approximate place and pitch somewhere sensible, avoiding vehicle access lanes and the like.

(I may be wrong about some of this, I’ve been camping IC for a while)

While those pitches closest to the toilets/caterers/IC area do get grabbed first (so you may want to pitch as early as you can), the furthest distance you could possibly get is about 500m from the IC areas, and that’s literally the far end of the field.

While numbers of players have been steadily rising, there is no sign of us running out of (OOC) camping space anytime soon, and with several adjoining fields in (slightly longer) walking distance, you don’t need to worry about not having a place to camp.


Thank you both… You mentioned arriving on Thursday evening… I thought events started Friday afternoon? Should we arrive on the Thursday?

Thursday evening is a purely out-of-character social opportunity. I’ve known some new players say they appreciated the extra chance to meet other players ahead of meeting characters but new player workshops/briefings and the like indeed do not start until Friday afternoon.


Oh fantastic, ok! Good to know!

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Oh one thing you need to know if you’re turning up on Thursday, it’s an extra £5 on the gate so bring some change :slight_smile: But it does make the Friday considerably more chill and give you plenty of time to go to the new player sessions before time in.

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OOC Camping is really good, but there are some things you should know!

You will be trekking a lot further when you want to go to bed, but a flashlight and staying sober should help you avoid any falls!

Additionally, ear covers are strongly advised, as players have a tendency to drunkenly yell into forbidden hours of the night!

I do recommend arriving on the Thursday, especially if you are new, as it gives you time to get used to the tenting life, and grab things you may have left behind! I would also recommend helping others put up their tents, as they will often need the help!

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If I pay for the normal ticket, is it just £5?

The ticket to attend the event is listed here (there are some discounts so I don’t know which price will apply to you). That gets you entrance to the event, and camping on Friday and Saturday nights.

The £5 is on top of that ticket price and is only applicable if you want to come early and camp on the Thursday night as well (which is entirely optional, maybe about a third of attendees come down on the Thursday so it’s not everyone by any means!).

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Ahh cool cool, thanks for the explanation. I’ll be honest, the ticket pricings confused me, because I didn’t know if I needed to pay each day or not, which was throwing me off a bit.

Ah! No, it’s just one payment for Friday/Sat/Sun. :slight_smile: Camping and access to the game for all three days is included in that ticket price. It’s only the Thursday night that’s an extra as it’s not technically one of the game days.

As a note, food and drink (except tap water from the standpipes) is not included. You can choose to buy food from the vendors on site (delicious but at £5-10 per meal it can get pricy) or you can bring your own food (but if you want hot food you’ll need to bring your own camping stove etc. to cook for yourself as if you were on a normal camp site).
Lots of people buy their main meal from a vendor but do breakfast and any other meals themselves - you can mix and match what you choose to do. Some vendors do a ‘weekend ticket’ where you pay up front for x meals and get a discount.

There are also a few people who sell food in-character for IC money, but best to bring your own food just in case you don’t find them and/or you find yourself spending that IC money on other things.


On the food subject, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, here’s some broad guidelines and suggestions I wrote up a while back.


Sorry to reopen this thread, but I can’t find any time we have to leave on the monday. Is there a specific time we’ve got to have all tents down by and be off?

We have to leave on the Sunday. Time out is at 3pm and take down begins. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule but we are encouraged to leave as soon as we reasonably can. I tend to be off site by about half four, those with really big tents and lots of set dressing tend to end up staying a bit later as they have more to do.

Some crew do stay until the Monday, but all players need to head off Sunday afternoon/evening.

Oh, whoops, ok, that makes things a lot easier, good to know! Don’t know how I missed that

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Time Out is a 3pm (I am a melted ice cream today), and PD try to have everyone off the field by 6, but car problems and tent issues are fine, and you can stay later. If you want to stay post event, I’m afraid that you will have to contact the owners of the site to book

I would recommend taking Monday off (Says the person that was up and 5am and didn’t get to bed till Tuesday after E2) so you can rest and recover, and let the character bleed wear off a tad.

E3 is the one that most players attend, so I’m sure you will have no issue fitting in with the army of newbies!


Just to confirm: time-out is 3pm, not 2:30.
Events - Empire (profounddecisions.co.uk)

Taking Monday off of work though, that’s a sound tip if you can spare it!