OOC: Christian service at the next event

Easter is the high point in the Christian calendar, and, statistically speaking, I can’t be the only one wanting to take 15-minutes out of next event to mark that occasion

Did anything - formal or informal - like this happen last year? I’d like to start a discussion about the most appropriate way to do this


About 10 Minutes Walk from the site.

Some of us usually meet around 9am-9.15am outside God and find somewhere quiet to have fellowship. We’ve had between six and eight people previously.

It’s been very informal - sometimes we’ve discussed a “thought-for-the-day” that someone brings along, shared relevant experiences and generally just relaxed together.

Also posting to register interest.

Over the years of Maelstrom and Empire there have alwasy been Easter arrangements, but they have varied from a full communion service with hymns and ordained clergy, to informal non-denominational chat. I’m happy with any of these options, and happy to help in whatever way. If we’re applying brainpower to it at this point it might be worth trying to obtain a location so that people can be late and we don’t have to do the ‘do we think anyone else is coming?’ dance.

Biddlesden church is, weirdly, actually in someone’s private grounds (it was built as a private chapel) and only seems to have services once a month - I can’t even find when in the month, but I would guess the chance of them having an easter service at a suitable time is fairly low.

As it usually occurs just before time in we went in costume and I think if several of us turned up in a local church it could cause some concern. I would be interested in going and so would my daughter.

Bumping thread - I’d be interested, if there’s anything going on this year. Nearest churches (various flavours) seem to be in Studley, which isn’t practical by public transport on a Sunday morning.

We’ll probably do the 9, 9:15 outside of God thing again

I am usually terrible for sleeping in on the Sunday morning, but if I post here to say I’m in, then maybe I’ll actually get up this time around. :stuck_out_tongue:




Likewise, and we’re staying off site, I shall try to bribe G into awakeness with a good supply of coffee!

Splendid! I’ll do my best to be there too.

Is sticking outside GOD the best place for this, or do we want to organise a venue in advance? The problem with the meetup is that you never know when no-one else is going to come, so knowing in advance where we’re going might be progress? We’ve used the bar, the crew rec tent, and group tents in the past.

ardenmarches.co.uk/ is the local parish organisation. They have communion at Studley church at 8am on Easter Sunday, The church is about 5 minutes drive from site and is a lovely little building (it’s the church i got married in so I’m probably biased).

Obviously, a service on site will be more convenient for people, but I thought I’d leave this here for reference.

Thanks John! Given a 8am communion I might actually try and make it off site for that :slight_smile:

I shall try to be sat in sight of the Blessed Applebees Coffee on Sunday morning about 9:30 until 10am. I would welcome company.

Feel free to bring coffee, we’ll have lost an hour’s sleep with the clocks change. Look out for the very scruffy Navarri with the woolly plaits.

Don’t forget that the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday at 1am !!

Hence the ‘I will try…’ and meeting next to the coffee cart :slight_smile: