++++OOC Combat Briefs++++

For the past couple years, as part of the player support network, we have been running OOC combat briefs on the Friday afternoon of events on the battlefield through the Sentinel gate. At the last event we added a brief aimed specifically at those with, or who are considering taking, the archery skill in the same location.

The combat brief ran by Johnny Fisher, Emma Rowden and myself, covers the core rules of combat at Empire, the safety rules and the ethics of cinematic combat, which is what we aspire to in the system. It also allows players to answer any questions they may have to experienced players/refs.

The archery brief ran by Will Segerman, Antonia Forster and Alexander Thomson focuses on the important safety aspects of using a missile weapon in game, checking arrows, and offers hints of how to shoot safe on our mass battles.

While these briefs are often considered for new(er) players they are open to all players whatever your experience. There is no better place to brush up on the rules, ask a ref that burning question you have or find out about how we handle safety on the battle/skirmish field.

Attending at least one archery brief in particular is strongly encouraged for any person using a bow at Empire, even if you are a long-term user.

We understand that several nations are running IC training but in an IC situation it is hard to discuss certain aspects especially when it comes to safety and rules. There is no reason why you can’t do both.

So, if you have a spare 45 mins or so on Friday afternoon, even if you are an experienced player feel free to come along. We all want to see safe, enjoyable and epic combat so come hear how PD are trying to do this.

Combat Briefs are at 1pm and 3pm.
Archery Brief is at 3pm.

Both meet by the sentinel gate.

Hope to see you there.

Pic is one of Oliver’s of some random hero type :joy:


Oh that’s awesome. I might bring my bow even though I’m not currently playing an archer.

Bumping this as these are the same details for E4 this year as well :slight_smile:.

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