OOC Money Terminology

I just had a random thought on how characters talk to each other about how much something cost to make OOC in IC terms.

So, I think I understand that OOC is referred to as barbarian money, but that sounds weird to me to say in a sentence. “It cost me 4 and a half thrones, or 60 barbarian coin to make this.”

Having looked on the Wiki, when someone talks about barbarian money, is the general implication that they are talking about Hacksilver? And since that says the civil service pays for it depending on silver content, or more important in this case for my point weight, would it then be acceptable to say, “This cost me 60 pounds of Hacksilver to make.” Thus, making it easier to use our OOC Pound Stirling in IC terms, just switching cost for actual pound weight?


Don’t know if this is the correct topic, but it sounds General to me.


Part of me likes it, part of me is worried what would happen if there was some genuine Hacksilver plot.

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Barbarian money is usually only used casually with reference to buying drinks in the Forge from my experience, as in " have you got any barbarian with you? We can continue this discussion in the pub."

Any other costs in pounds stirling are generally part of an OOC conversation I find.

Actual costs of non artisan items are generally not relevant in game, unless you want to have a quick OOC query about where they got such a cool phys rep.


I agree with CharlieP’s view. I wouldn’t expect to be hearing people talk about OC money except in an OC way.

Also, I’ve been playing the game since the start and this is the first time I’ve heard of Hacksilver. I have however seen Jotun coins in play, which I think fit the actual definition of Hacksilver. Using it as a synomyn for real money might get confusing and lead to you having to explain it OC anyway, which would miss the point.


I agree with @LauraK and that it will be confused by simply not being as wide spread. The fact it will need explaining just seems to miss the point. Not saying its worse than barbarian, but barbarian has the added bonus of being around already.