++Open Tickets++

==Open ticket update==
When we announced open tickets, we said that they would be available until the 15th March. We picked that date to give us plenty of time to prepare for the April event and to ensure that the sales took place during the current VAT reductions.

Since we made the original announcement, we’ve sadly had to cancel the first event, and the government have happily had to extend the VAT reduction. That means both our reasons for closing sales of the open tickets today have become redundant.

I’ll be honest, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular open tickets have been - not just with existing players but with new players as well. Given that they have proven so popular - and that we’ve no justification to withdraw them today, we’ve decided to extend the window to buy them to the 14th May. That won’t cause any issues for us - and means that players will still be able to buy them up to that date.

If open tickets continue to be popular then we’re going to look at them in more detail over the next few months and see if there is some way we can offer them on a regular basis in the future. There are complications with offering them while also offering regular tickets, but we want to provide the maximum flexibility and benefits for our players if we can solve those problems.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us by buying open tickets or in other ways over the last year. It has obviously been a challenging time for us - but the tidal wave of support we’ve had from the Empire community has put us in a great position to resume running events as soon as conditions allow.

Keep well, and hopefully we’ll see you all soon.