Orcs in Skarsind

At the last moot of the solstice, we were informed that the Imperial orcs would be looking to settle in Skarsind. That goes pretty well for us, as one of the first halls in Skarsind.

I wondered if anyone knew what banner the newly settled orcs would take? Do they count as imperial orcs or people of the mark?

Whilst the difference might seem academic as they are our sworn brothers in battle, I feel it would trouble the egregores as a matter of national identity.

Orcs are orcs, they cannot change Egregore and nation.

Don’t resources get diminished if they are produced by the ‘wrong’ kind of people? Or do orcs always count as the ‘right’ kind of people?

In terms of locations from an OC perspective, Orcs already have locations for personal resources, which is their camps in the first and second legions outside of Anvil which effectively form their nation. They would likely receive the same negative modifiers unless Skarsind received a specific fudge for it not to be the case (representing the Orcs being truly accepted by the locals).

More likely I reckon this will be a RP thing that will generate plot rather than have a mechanical effect. TBH though, best thing is not to worry and let it play out.

Hi, as an Imp Orc yes purely a RP thing I’m a member of the Stormcrows and out of respect for teaching us magic and to help rebuild we have decided to help rather than settle. The idea is both as thanks but also to learn as hopefully soon we will need to rebuild a re-captured land into an Imp Orc nation, so what better way of learning than helping out in Skarsind.

There are things ™ that could in theory be done in Skarsind to give a bit of Crunch to the RP - the Senators could build something there, or hand something to the orcs in recognition of their work and then pile up some weirwood or white granite over it to make it a Thing ™. I think.

Eg) a hall where Winterfolk merchants came to trade with ImpOrc bonesetters might be a ministry controlled by the ImpOrcs based in Semersuaq or Hahnmark. For example.