Order of the Ivory Blade

Hi there,

We’re a Group of new players attending Anvil for the first time at Aprils event, were joining Highguard. My friends all want to have their own chapter and its open to others if other new ppl would care to join, it would be fun to discover the game together. If Older players wish to come along and say hello, it would be very much appreciated, we should have plenty of mulled wine and baked goods for sale for IG coin, to assist with the rebuilding of the Monastery in Haros (feel free to contribute and eat and drink in the process).


Sounds good, i may come and trade baked goods with you :slight_smile:

You’re based in Haros? You should come and say hello to my Chapter, the Suns of Couros; we’re also Haros based!

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Indeed, we plan on presenting Marchers Slice (Bacon or Vegetarian Quiche), Trail Ration Bake (Corned Beef Pies) and Mulled Wine.

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That would definately be a plan with other Haros based chapters, would be nice to get some IC connections going prior to event. Recognitions etc, advice would also be very welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard HIghguard (Best nation!) just dont trust those heathens from the other side of Reikos :stuck_out_tongue:


How many of you will be swelling the ranks of our much feared and respected warriors and taking to battle?

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This sounds awesome! It’ll be my first time in Highguard in April so I’d love some Highguard friends to explore with! My character was based on the borders of Reiko’s but recently has been a bit of a Wanderer while trying to figure himself out (i.e. make some friends) :grin:


Currently were looking at a grp of 6-8, possibly more. Looking forward to joining the ranks of the virtuous and righteous.


Hi, you’re more than welcome to stop by our IC tent and share a mug of mulled wine over a few stories, would be nice to also document some of your achievements for future archiving in the Necropolis. Feel free to drop by any time :slight_smile:

How would your group feel about welcoming an unconqured ?

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Hi, were rebuilding the monastery so all assistance would be very much welcome. Were happy to accept any archetype or play style. So, if it sounds for you, the chapter is very much open to all at present :slight_smile:

So, If anyone would like to come say hello, potentially join the chapter or just wants to stop by for some drinks and food, we will have a chapter tent, everyone is welcome to drop by and engage in some drinking, food and RP. We all look forward to meeting you :slight_smile: