Organising a Contest


I have recently exercised the notion that perhaps, I could set up a contest, a tournament of virtue which would be open to all the nations. Unfortunately I do not have the influence nor the funds to undertake in such a venture. What I do have is ideas. I have considered how each event would work and what winning would entail. I have ponder how it would affect each participant and how is may change the relationships between the nations. All I need now is someone to say: “I am le grand fromage and I say that you should do this thing because it is cool and I approve”.

This leads me on to the question: To whom should I speak? I thought possibly someone of Dawn or the league as they like their contests, but I wasn’t sure. If any one can give me a hint or a suggestion of where to start, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Seek out the Cardinals, National Assemblies and Virtue Assemblies, give them your pitch and see if you get any bites. :slight_smile: I’d start with your own Nation priests first, see if you can get them alongside.


Okay, thank you. I know exactly how I would pitch my idea however I don’t think I know how I could add that je ne sais quoi to entice my nation to back me. It might also cost me an arm and a leg just to get the right person to give me their time. You have given me a lot to think about. Thank you again.


I had a bit of a daydream this morning about organising a tourney, for one person from each nation to fight in 1 on 1 duels until there’s an overall champion.

I doubt I’ll ever do anything with it, but gosh it would be fun.


Something similar to this, on a larger scale, was done a few years back.

The International competition of the Iron Duke.

In the Glory Square of Dawn (with full stands of seating), 10 national champions of the Empire fighting elimination duels…

+champions from Faraden and the Iron Confederacy, from the Druj and the Jotun, from the Grendel and the Thule…

…and maybe a few others, I can’t remember. But that’s 16, so a good number for elimination.

It was frackin’ awesome, but maybe a pain for PD to run.

Ah, the Thule Ice Giant…! The desperate tenacity of the Imperial Orc! The screaming tears of the Grendel champion, that inspired the audience to buy him on the spot! The long, legless finale between the champions of Wintermark and Dawn!


@simonrp, well a few of the events are like that but only one of them has no twist to it. If you want to help me pitch this idea, I’d be fine with that, I’m not sure if you will be getting any money out of it but it might get your name known. I can’t promise anything though.

@Geoffrey_Willoughby sounds pretty cool, with my tournament, the only thing from PD I would need is them not telling me I can’t do it. It will just be between the nations of the empire. Also do we have an ice giant? When I say we, I mean the empire of course, but if we do, why do we never use him in battle?


I’ve organised a tournament for members of the crimson circle in dawn this coming summit, you could take ideas from it if you want too.


Thank you for the offer. I would be interested in how you got it all started but I do have an idea on what each event will be so I don’t need any suggestions there.


God, I’ve been thinking about a tournament like that recently, with foreigners and barbarians coming together under a banner of peace for a time. Glad to hear it’s happened, but very sad to hear I missed it.


No worries, it’s in Dawn on saturday at e1.


Well, if I have some time, I’ll come and have a look.


That was my first ever Empire event, and it was bloody fantastic! I had a seat in the front of the stands, and someone came around selling snacks and drinks. The fights were riveting, and I even chipped in with my meager coin to help the Grendel champion (I think we were raising money to buy his or his family’s freedom?). It really was a great way to start the game :smiley:

@IWillGetThingsRong no, sadly we don’t have an ice giant - he was brought along by the Thule as their champion.


Ah, well I can understand PD not wanting us to have one. They would have to break out the ice giant costume every event because there would be almost no way to stop the empire from wanting to use him. I think it would be quite funny seeing him sit around one of the camps and I definitely would like him to join in with the broken wheel. One can dream.


I’ve now written down my ideas for all 21 possible events. I’m not sure if there are too many there but I want to give people a choice so anyone can join.



Very happy to organise, money isn’t a driving factor, GLORY is.

I think the lance I’m joining is having our own competition at E1… so I’ll see how well that goes.


Mind if I message you with the ideas then? It would be great if I could have some help with organising it. If things go to plan we both should get a few rings as well but I agree, money is not the driving factor.


Find me on either facebook
(Sally Rivers) or email me ( that might be an easier way to contact each other :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll email you as I don’t have facebook.


Sorry everyone, just realised I misspelled contest in the title of my post. This is probably why I shouldn’t post late at night. I feel very silly indeed.


I’ve sent the email. I thought I would mention it on here just in case it doesn’t get through or something.