Other LARPs

So I’ve now done two Empire events and fallen in love with LARP. Four events a year possibly isn’t enough for me, though, and I think I’d be interested in trying out some other systems as well. Could anyone give some details of some of the other LARPs out there, and how they compare to Empire? Many thanks!

There are lots, really depends on what interests you. There are basically three types of larps:
Fest Larps: Like Empire a big IC field with occassional forrays beyond
Linear or Quest Larp: more active adventures, tends to shorter events, might have an IC hub
Parlour Larp: normally inside talking, debating and socialising.

Of course a larp can mix and match (such as having a parlour larp with quests that go out from it for example)

LT (lorien Trust) and Curious Past times are both large high fantasy fest larps.

Pioneers is a effectively from my understanding a much smaller sci-fi fest larp

Age of Aether is a larp set in a post-war of the worlds steampunk setting.

Tales out of Anchor is a very different game, a parlour larp set in the politics of a floating island.

Anarchy is a historical larp set in 1100’s when stephen has usurped the crown of england

Slayers is a larp set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe.

The Other Thing is, There are many local larps.
In Manchester alone I know of a Linear Larp, A “Small” Fest of around 50 people, and a Parlour Vampire Larp, and there are probably others but these are the one’s I know of. In other areas there will other games.