Otkodov - geography

I was reading up on Otkodov -

… and noticed that, on the map, there is a duplicated region name “Erawayugot” which exists in both Nithoggir and Verthandi. The region is discussed below, under Nithoggir, which presumably means that the Verthandi label is an error.

Has anyone got an idea as to what the missing region might be named? Or if we (the citizens of the empire) don’t know, what name I should call it on my maps?

I could leave it blank, or if anyone has a particularly interesting or hilarious name…

Highlight it to PD via email

Do you think so? I was considering this might be below the abstraction layer, didn’t want to bother anybody…

If its on the wiki its worth highlighting :slight_smile:

Though as they are next to each other it may be some feature that crosses the border

That’s interesting. Perhaps “Erawayugot” means ‘cold trackless waste’ in Thule.

It’s not named after a hunt where something escaped?

Er, away you got?

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I’m betting it’s a geographic feature that crosses territorial borders.

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