Overheating in Armour

As i am new to LRP and cosplaying, i was wondering about how hot it becomes when wearing armour/costume etc.
I was thinking of wearing chainmail and a Gambeson, and am unsure if this would be too much to wear and any tips for how to avoid getting too warm

No it’s pretty much standard for ensuring that you don’t strain your back. One basic tip is if you can get a gambeson with detachable arms as then you’ll get some ventilation around the armpit which helps. Also make sure you take some water with you to battle and drink some when you get the chance.

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If you are wearing aluminium (counts only as medium) you can get away without a gambeson. I use a thick tunic instead.

If you are wearing steel though, yeah, a gambeson is big and clever (as is a sturdy belt).

Water is a necessity, take more than you think you need. I carry water in a modified Camelbak.

As mentioned, it’s mostly about water and ventilation.

You may want to get some practise getting in and our of the chainmail… if it only takes you a minute or two, then you can store it somewhere and just slip into it for quests etc. There is some armour you can wear comfortably all day, chainmail isn’t usually it.

Sit down when you can. Stay in the shade when you can. Look into a surcoat, something light to shade the chain. If it’s a sunny day, then you could end up wearing a lot of hot metal.

And if you find yourself standing in the sun, armour hot against you, sweat dribbling into your gambeson, shoulders aching from the wieght of your armour… well done, you have achieved a sympathetic state with hundreds of thousands of armour wearers throughout history. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen those sort of collar gambesons, which just cover the neck and shoulders. Does anyone have any experience of those? I assume they have less ability to distribute the weight of the armour, but with maille rather than plate would that be enough?

Oh one thing to remember is that at Empire battles only last a few hours so you’ll kit up and then be out of your armour within say 2 hrs. Then you’ll only be in and out of your armour for shorter skirmishes and quests which are entirely optional. Chain is handy as you can get into and out of it quicker than say plate. So the other tip here is make sure you don’t spend time inside your armour that you don’t have to, you don’t need to spend the whole day kitted up :smile:.


This belt exists for the same reason as the waist strap on a backpack. If you don’t have it, all your chainmail rests on your shoulders.

If you have to bend over in chain mail - and you will - then keep your back straight as if you are power lifting. Putting your back out is a real risk in heavy armour.


The padded collars work very well for LRP purposes. One of those and a good belt will support mail just fine.

(For plate, a thick gambeson should be unnecessary if it’s properly fitted, but with off the shelf armour like most LRPers use, it’s often helpful to have some extra padding)

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