Overwhelmed on Skills (War Wizard)

I’m planning on getting a staff to be a Dawnish War Wizard as a Knight Errant… I’m struggling with holding back from just taking every magician related skill… Is this a bad idea for a new player? I love the idea of playing someone bookish who’s desperately trying to prove herself in combat. Should I look for any weapon skills? Or will they be useless if I’m wielding a staff…

Basically, I’m asking if I’m being too one note by picking Magician and all the extra spells/extra mana skills when I’m a new player

PD are great about new players wanting to change skill spends about so in my opinion you needn’t be nervous about going for whatever appeals to you.

Established characters can also change out one skill spend after each event, so you are never locked into skills that you might have stopped enjoying or using.

As for having other combat skills, that’s what other players are for. Specialising, both on the battlefield and off, generates more interaction as you tap other characters for the stuff you require but can’t do yourself. And from a practical point of view, you can’t wield much else when you have a staff in one hand. A back up weapon won’t hurt when you can afford something, in case your staff gets Shattered and you need to defend yourself, but nothing more than a one-handed weapon that won’t require any skill spend anyway.

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Starting character gets 8 points to spend. But you don’t need to spend them all, and PD are very understanding to cries of “I thought I wanted this skill but I really really don’t…”

Magician =2 (4 mana and three basic spells)
Battle mage = 2 (mage armour + staff use)
I can reccomend getting a single useful combat spell and maybe extra mana.
Extra spell (Mend) = 1
Extra mana (+2, total of 6) = 1
And that leaves you with 2 points in hand.

That gives you a combat field role, magically fixing peoples broken things, and occassionally bopping orcs with the staff. If you want to get a little more stuck in, you may want the Repel spell instead, or something more damaging :slight_smile:

Do you want to jump into Ritual Magic? Any skills to help keep you or others alive?

Oh, and bear in mind that having survived 1 event, you get another character point, if you have ideas at the event.

There’s a thread going through the spells here, take it with a pinch of salt, it’s rather subjective…


If I were to have, say, a backup dagger or a sword, would that count as duel wielding if I hold my staff in one hand and strike only using the other?

It was actually this thread that got me thinking

Specialising at Empire is usually a strong move, so going hard into Battle Mage will pay off.

Like @Geoffrey_Willoughby says Magician, Battle Mage, Extra Spell and Extra Mana will give you a solid character to play on the battlefield.

Personally I’d go with Restore Limb as a starting spell as it was the spell I cast the most by far as my last battle mage character.

For an extra spell with your 2 spare character points Repel is a solid combat spell choice.

Are you in a group of players already? As that can influence if you want to pick up a point of ritual magic, there’s some rituals you can do with covens that help you do the battle mage thing.

Oh also solid choice with going for a staff, I always recommend going for that and the reach it gives you :slight_smile: .

I’m not in a group of players. I’m coming to Empire with my partner, but they’re in Urizen, so I’m alone in Dawn. I’m hoping to make it part of my RP that she’s very up for impressing noble houses.

I don’t believe so; because a staff must be wielded in both hands, holding it in one isn’t technically wielding it.

That said, an email to rules@pd is the way to get an official ruling.

It can be cumbersome keeping the staff out of the way though, so dropping back to find somebody to fix a shattered staff is the better tactic to start with imo.

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Unslain is correct - staves have to be held in 2 hands: Weapons & armour - Empire

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Another mage! Yay!

So the main issue with magic is that its expensive, but it really depends what you want to do.

I would recommend grabbing extra mana, as it is really useful to get extra spells!

There are two (generalised) playstyles with magic. There is the Skirmisher, who uses magic to hit high importance targets and smash the shield wall (Very glorious i might add) OORR there is the Support Mage that uses supportive spells to pump up their allies (Also very glorious!)

Unless you plan on doing rituals, i would spend all of your points on mage skills.

The basic build for a mage is Magician, Battlemage, Extra Mana and 2 Extra spells, totalling your skill points. The two spells i would pick for the Skirmisher is Repel and Shatter, as they open the wall and do much GLORY. For a support mage Heal, Mend, Restore Limb and Empower all work well

Of course, its up to you to see what suits you best, and you can respec if you don’t like it!

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Personally id never buy more than one offensive spell and one support spell off the bat, you might want more later but most of the time you dont have enough mana to really be using much more (at first).

Offensively id recommend Repel, its useful and importantly its only 1 mana to cast, shatter is a close second though, and great for getting out of tight spots :wink:

Support wise, id actually say Heal is the most broadly useful, you may not be needed for limbs, and almost certainly wont be needed for mending but people are aaaaaalways getting stabbed up and a Swift heal is super useful out of a staff!

Id also say if your staff gets broke, step back and get someone to fix it, mages and knives is a reeeeal desperate situation :slight_smile:


Bare in mind, I am a professional idiot, and my word should never be taken as a fact, like @Geoffrey_Willoughby has stated

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages from playing a Battlemage that make up for not being tanky

You will be quicker than everyone else, and you will have the best calls in the game. BUT, you are a glass cannon, and combat awareness is key.

It isn’t your place to try and hunt the running monster, and it isnt your place to challenge an archer, but you are the tideturner in every battle, and you have to be Vigilant and make sure that you come back alive.

Any spell is a good pick (Except B A G if you are a combat mage) and don’t worry about effectiveness or getting it “wrong”, PD let you respec at any time!

Also, you can monster as a mage, so you can learn calls off of that, and its great fun!