Patch notes 2.2

+++PATCH NOTES 2.2+++

Third and (almost definitely) final set of patch notes. Last night we finished updating the item and ritual changes that go with the Great Religion Overhaul, and the Boss put his rules update/design expanation words up on the main wiki (you can find them here → … 6#Religion). It also explains our IC reason for the changes that have swept the world. Go and read it now if you like - I’ll still be here when you come back.

Done? Cool. I’m now going to just quickly summarize the changes to rituals and magic items we’ve implemented. We’ve done as few as we felt we could get away with - the proper time for taking a long look at items and rituals is over Winter.


Three rituals (The Chamber of Delights, The Chamber of Pallas, and The Solace of Chimes) have been significantly overhauled. They now explicitly create Location Auras in a similar manner to Consecration and many of the same rules apply.

The two big changes are that we’ve increased their magnitude to 8, and that you can now use them to recover personal mana. Before anyone gets too excited, you cant use them for this purpose on battlefields or quests. They’re part of an experiment to shift personal mana to an “encounter” rather than “daily” resource (for the D&D 4th/MMO nerds among you).


The Conspirator’s Cloak and Freedom of the Soul are now Personal Auras, as well as Enchantments. This makes them slightly better, but also a little trickier to use as they will not stack with an anointing. The magnitudes have not changed at this time.


We’ve updated the Unfettered Anarchy curse as well, to make it a little clearer and to establish the relationship between it and Crystal Clarity of the Rational Soul. The key point for this curse (and for Freedom of the Soul as well) is that you can’t resist the roleplaying effect created by the curse. You can still overcome other roleplaying effects as normal.

There has also been an update to Crystal Clarity of the Rational Soul - a few elements were removed to establish it as a pure enchantment with no actual spirital elements.


We’ve removed the dragonbone reliquary. Any artisan who used to be able to make this should find they now have the bility to make Wayfarer’s Pyx. The Pyx (which was made obselete by the changes to hallow) now has similar functionality to the Dragonbone REliquary - it empowers Sect ceremonies. Its ability to simply increase the strength of any cooperative ceremony performed by a sect is both recognition of the sects new role as a source of cooperative spiritual power, and a nod back to the old ability of sects to gain extra power.


One of the big changes. This symbol was made obsolete by the changes to Hallow. Going forward, it allows someone who is dedicated or anointed to spend ten minutes in a consecrated area of the same virtue, once per day, to recover all their hero points.
Religious roleplaying in this case I hope will mean things like “vigilantly planning the destruction of the orcs” or “arguing heatedly about predestination versus free will” or even "listening to and discussing a sermon delivered by an allied sutannir/guide/magister/illuminate/bishop/stormcrow/preacher/troubadour/wise one/friar.


Another significant change. As the Boss mentions in his write-up, we are looking carefully at the design goals of a couple of types of items, standards among them. We’ve not been satisfied for a while with how they are implemented, or their role in “buffing” a unit of soldiers - one of my arguments is that that function is something for ritual magic not items. With that in mind the Banner of the Bold no longer bonds to a unit, but to an individual, It gives them a source of spiritual strength to overcome roleplaying effects, and a boost to their hero points. I’m not sure precisely where we are going to go with the standards in the future, but I suspect they will be personal items intended for characters who enjoy supporting their friends with their power level reflecting the requirement that they be battle standards.


IF you’ve been adversely a/effected by any of the changes made here, you can of course shuffle your skills around slightly with an e-mail to PeeDee at should get things sorted out.
With time running short, I’m hoping we’ll see the first Winds of Fortune going live tomorrow some time, so until then …

The photograph is a lovely Tom Garnett shot from his last-event album ( … 809&type=3). Obviously I know which orc that is, but do you? Why not demonstrate your superior orc-recognising skills in the comments…
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