PD Crew - Thank you!

I want to say a massive thank you to the PD crew in general. This weekend was a total &%!&storm on the weather front, turning Torny Stud into a quagmire. The PD crew have been top notch all weekend.

In particular the folks that organised the 4x4s to tow people on and off both the OC and IC fields. I don’t like to have to single people out as everone played that part in a top notch team, but I feel I must single out these transport organisation folk. In particular I want to thank Sparky Dave and a chap who’s name I regret I did not catch (He had a ginger beard). These two helped us get two mired cars and two trailers off the field. You know who you are. You two were just fantastic.

Thank you PD crew.

Absolutely, the team who were loading up the trailers were amazing. Like trailer-loading superheroes sweeping in and making it all better! :slight_smile:

Yep a big thanks to the PD crew, who, it should be remembered are still working today, and for the rest of the week in the (forecast) rain to finish the take down.

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Absolutely. Thank you once again to the PD crew for giving us an awesome event under Sisyphean conditions. My especial thanks go to the refs for retaining sense of humour and awesomeness even with the numbers shortages.

Sparky Dave and his mate were a godsend, not just rescuing us but being so cheerful and positive about getting our beached cars and trailers off the field, and all this at 9pm. And now I want a Landie. Thanks crew, you really are the best people.

I think the bearded fellow may be Aarron and yes him, Sparky Dave and all the other red caps who helped people get off site were amazing.

yes a very big thank you to all pd, crew and players was a great event was so much fun even with the pants rain had such a great time.

also a big thank you to the couple on Monday who helped push my big heavy car back to my tent.


+1 from here.
PD as a whole reacted excellently to a difficult event under horrible conditions. Redcaps were incredible and the overall planning reacted very well…
The battles shifting from Sat/Sun to Sun/Mon was bold, but effective and really helped people avoid the downpour on Saturday.
The puzzles in the Hall of Worlds were well timed, giving thinky things to do in dreary conditions.
I loved the symbolism of the Drowned Man being shot throughout the Event Design. Really felt like PD was making the most of the conditions… the raid added to the IC feeling, rather than taking away.

All in all, the event was dealt a rubbish hand, but played it very well and made the best of depleted resources.

Many thanks, PD.

Another me too thanks to the crew who helped get people’s kit to their vehicles on Monday - I know my group would still be there if that hadn’t happened :open_mouth: We couldn’t have asked for more and it was a real credit to PD and their volunteers :smiley:

However, the downside is it has shown again just how unfit the site is for Empire should the weather turn bad and despite the fact I really love the game I doubt I’ll be at any event if the weather looks like it will affect site access :cry:

UBER thanks go to the PD crew who not only got our stuff onto the site, but actually offered to look after two tents we had to leave behind until saturday!!!

You came through for us at all hours and were always very chipper and welcoming despite the HUGE favours we asked of you!

Thanks and thanks again!!!

A big thank you from me too. Considering how knackering it was for me to do the few tents I did the thought of the amount they have done and are still doing along with all the other parts of the game and putting up with us annoying players I am truly amazed and thankful. :slight_smile:

Yup, the crew are awesome and helpful and amazing!

I second, third and fourth this thread.

I personally would like to thank the phenomenal efforts of the Toilet gang. Only on Friday did I see blockage, and the ladies loos in the IC field did not once run out of toilet paper. The waterless soap was a stroke of genius.

For me, it made the mud bearable, lifted the worry of poor hygiene and made the IC camp a much more pleasant place to be.

Huge big hugs to all the crew for their herculean efforts for E2, you are wonderful.

Massive thanks to all the crew.

Especially the nice man with the trailer who delivered my really really heavy box o stuff to brass coast very late on friday night. This small act of kindness from a total stranger was really amazing. Thank you random man who’s name I don’t know.

My big thanks and appreciation to all the red caps and crew. You guys were amazing from the moment I got on site and had my equipment to the woods to the end of the weekend when you made sure we all got off safely. It was a very stressful take down but your crew kept smiling and didn’t stop and gave a confidence to people.

Well done!

I’ve just seen this post.

I was the girl standing at the entrance to the IC field with Mr Dabson, turning people away in their cars, providing sarcasm on the radio and keeping the 4x4 drivers to-do lists in my head.

I must say, it was a absolute pleasure to do this with Empire players. Not one person got arsey, even if my brain forgot them and we had to shuffle them back a bit. Not one person shouted or whinged and everyone that came past talked to us and seemed generally in good spirits despise the miserable conditions.

I enjoyed myself and I’d do it again. So there. (Next time I’ll have a notebook).