PD & Facebook

Heya, rare site admin post here.

profounddecisions.co.uk and anything under it - including the forums & wiki - have been classified as non-compliant to Facebook’s community guidelines. This means that any links to the wiki or the forums from Facebook will be marked as spam, and retroactively messages and posts mentioning either may have been removed from Facebook.

PD are appealing to facebook - or, rather they are unappealing to FB but are going through the review procedure, so with any luck this will be sorted at some point soon. In the meantime, nothing on here or on the wiki is actually affected, only outbound links from Facebook.


If you want to point people here on FB, the best way currently is to tell them to search for “Empire LRP forum” and then the thread title in the forum search.

I understand the issue is now resolved, and Facebook have silently dropped all non-compliance markers!


Yup everything is back as it was, so stand down and get back on with enjoying everything that’s happening this weekend :).