PD view on Injection Molded weapons?


Im looking for peoples experiences of these types of weapons at weapon checking.

I’ve not LARPed for nearly 15 years and so need weapons for me, my wife and three kids… its getting to be a big order :-/

I’ve looked on the wiki and here in the forum and all I can find are comments like “on a case by case basis”

fair enough, I suppose thats true of any weapon, whatever its manufacturing style.

However, I’m trying to get an idea of the likelihood of being turned away before I shell out nearly £250 on these weapons.

So, do many IM weapons come to Empire, and if they do, do all / most / few or none of them get past the desk?

is there a particular weapon type that is problematic? for instance, most daggers are fine but axes always fail?

Id like to hear from people who use IM rather than sandwich construction too - what, if anything, is different about them in play?


In my experience there isn’t really a type of injected molded weapon that is more or less likely to fail, I’ve seen more daggers fail than axes, but’s that’s because I’ve seen very few injection molded axes.

The problem with injection molded weapons is - the core can move during the molding process meaning it’s too close to a striking surface, the weather effects the hardness of the foam to a far greater degree than other types of weapons. Mostly though, the problem is if they get the mix even slightly wrong, the weapon ends up too hard or too soft, usually too hard tbh as in general the hardness of molded weapons is slightly greater than regular ones.

In general I wouldn’t recommend getting injection molded weapons, they are a pain in the arse and a much greater risk of failing, I’d recommend getting weapons from a trader tat visits the Empire event, then if one fails you can return it. If you need weapons in a hurry I would recommend contacting one of the traders of larp weapons before the event. Mike light of Light armours, Saxon Violence, Eldritch and Having a Larp off the top of my head have a decent range of stock items and you could get them in a hurry if needed. The big thing is what style of weapon you’re after.

Depending on what you are doing, you don’t necessarily all need weapons. You can wander around Anvil unarmed - there’s one or two assassinations per event, mostly of people who have a reason to be worth assassinating, not new players. Children can’t go into battles 'till they’ve passed their Test of Arms, and one of you or someone else will need to stay in Anvil with the children if the other goes to battle. If you want to have a go at practice fighting in the Glory Square, you can probably borrow weapons IC.

I’ve been to two events now, and not used weapons for anything other than ritual magic, as I don’t go into battles.

There will be probably nearly a dozen traders on the field who can sort you out with weaponry, of all tastes and sizes and so on (I’m partial to Saxon Violence).

The thing about IM weapons is that they basically fail due to random manufacturing defects - the core is off centre, or the foam is too hard, or whatever. Those are not very easily predictable, so it’s very hard to give a call about how likely the are to fail in any given case.

More have passed than failed - but I have also watched someone buy one from a trader, walk to weapons check, and have it fail on the spot.

As noted, remember that kids who aren’t battle tested can’t wield weaponry anyway (although some traders sell wood-effect weapons as IC kids toys, which are one fun option for that). I’d look at turning up and just buying stuff on the spot, instead of trying to order anything for the next event at this point.