People of Highguard

New forum, new incarnation of this for easy reference.

I’ll try and keep this updated reasonably regularly. Just drop a post on the bottom of the thread if you need to be added or to note yourself as dead/retired/etc.

This is a list of most of the characters in Highguard, intended to help people avoid duplication and find inspiration or ideas. Categorised alphabetically. Might yet move deceased/retired characters to their own section at the bottom, thoughts on a postcard for that.

[ul]Abaddon of the Silent Tide
Abathar of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
Abel of the Silent Tide
Abel of Cantiarch’s Hold
Abigail of Felix’s Watch
Abihail of The Silent Tide
Abraham of The Shattered Tower
Absalom, Magister of Adina’s Charge, DECEASED E3
Adamah of the Silent Tide
Adielah of the Cenotaph
Adoramus of The Shattered Tower
Aeva of Silent Tide
Ahab of Felix’s Watch
Alamar of The Shattered Tower
Amana of Reumah’s Redoubt
Amos of The Cenotaph
Amos of the Unbound
Apollos of Cantiarch’s Hold
Archelaus, Exarch of the Grey Watchers of Peytaht
Ardon of Cantiarch’s Hold
Areli of Cantiarch’s Hold (deceased)
Arlais (No group)
Asael of Cantiach’s Hold
Asenath of Felix’s Watch
Asher of Cantiarch’s Hold
Asher of Felix’s Watch
Chaplain Aziraphael of the Suns of Couros (Placeholder)
Azmon of The Shattered Tower (Warrent Officer of the Imperial Militia)[/ul]

[ul]Barachel, Watchmaster of Adinas Charge
**Barak **of Haros, Heritage of Atun (Imperial Civil Service Pure Liao Team)
Barrabas of Felix’s Watch
Bartholomew of The Mirror Pool
Bartholomew of Scions of Ravensfell
Becky (Rebekah) of the Cenotaph
**Benaiah **(Publican of the Winter Heath) of the Suns of Couros
Benjamin Melchior Fletcher of the Cenotaph
Bethany of the Suns of Couros
Boaz of Silent Tide
Brutus of the Cohort of the Winter Bear[/ul]

[ul]Caleb of the Silent Tide
Caleb of the Cenotaph
Caliban of The Shattered Tower (Fell in Battle)
Calistarius of The Shattered Tower
Cain of Cantiarch’s Hold
Castellian of the Silent Tide
**Cassiel **of Cantiarch’s Hold (died E2.3)
Cayleb of Felix’s Watch
**Chelal **of Cantiarch’s Hold
Cuth of The Shattered Tower
Cyrus, son of Felix, Exarch of Felix’s Watch[/ul]

[ul]Damaris of Cantiarch’s Hold, Fell in battle E1.4
Daniel, Lancejack of Adina’s Charge
Delilah of Cantiarch’s Hold
Donald of the Cenotaph
**Dorcas **of the Suns of Couros
Dothan of Cantiarch’s Hold
Dresillia of the Suns of Couros - Died E3[/ul]

[ul]Edgar of Cantiarch’s Hold
Eisen of Shattered Tower
Eli of Felix’s Watch
Eli of the Grey Watchers of Peytaht
Elijah of Cantiarch’s Hold
Elika of the Cenotaph
Sister ‘Libby’ Elizabeth of The Suns of Couros (deceased)
Elsander of the Cenotaph
Enoch of Cantiarch’s Hold, (Fell in Battle)
Ephah of Cantiarch’s Hold
Ephrael of The Shattered Tower
Ephron of Adina’s Charge
Esau of Felix’s Watch
Escon, who was Ehud of Reumah’s Redoubt, Egregore
Eve of Highguard
Ezri of Eli’s Birthright[/ul]


[ul]Gabriel of Felix’s Watch
Gabriel of The Cenotaph
Gershen of the Unbound
Gideon (who we’ve all known for years) of Felix’s Watch, Fell in battle Summer 378 (E2.3)
Gideon of the Cohort of the Winter Bear, Fell in battle Summer 378 (E2.3)
Gideon of Scions of Ravensfell
Gideon of the Suns of Couros
Grigory of The Shattered Tower[/ul]

[ul]Hannah of Felix’s Watch
Hanna of the Silent Tide
Hannaniah (Hannah) of Cantiarch’s hold
Hanoch of The Shattered Tower
Hushai of Cantiarch’s Hold[/ul]

[ul]Ibrahim of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
**Ira **of Felix’s Watch
Isaac of Cantiarch’s Hold
Issac Arctos of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
Ishmael of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
Ishmael of the Grey Watchers of Peytaht
Izaak of The Shattered Tower[/ul]

[ul]Jacob of the Cenotaph
Jacob of the Silent Tide
Jada of the Scions of Ravensfell
Sister Jael, Colour-Lancer of Adina’s Charge (on hold)
Jael, Unconquered and Ritualist - (died
James Edward (known as Edward) of the Cenotaph
Jared (Cardinal of Loyalty), of the Suns of Couros
**Jeremiah **of the Cenotaph
**Jesaiah **of Cantiarch’s Hold
Jessica (Grandmaster of the Seven Fold Path), of the Suns of Couros
Jonah (Weasel) of Cantiarch’s Hold
Joseph of Felix’s Watch, JT - (Retired)
Josepha of Felix’s Watch (retired)
Josiah of the Silent Tide[/ul]

[ul]Kaleb of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
Keziah of the Silent Tide
Keziah of the Stone Vigil
Kidron of the Suns of Couros
**Korah **of the Silent Tide
Kruger of The Shattered Tower[/ul]

[ul]Lazarus of Cantiarch’s Hold (retired)
Ser Lazarus of The Shattered Tower
Leah of the Silent Tide
Dr Levi of Felix’s Watch
Lilian of the Unbound
Lilith of Cantiarch’s Hold
Lillim of Felix’s Watch, Deceased E1
Lucifer of Felix’s Watch
Lucas of Cantiarch’s Hold
Luke of the Shattered Tower
Lycaonia of Cantiarch’s Hold[/ul]

[ul]Malachai, Exarch of Adina’s Charge, DECEASED E3
Mara of Cantiarch’s Hold
**Martha **of Felix’s Watc
Matayus of the Silent Tide
**Melita **of Cantiarch’s Hold
Micah of Felix’s Watch, Deceased E1
Mernaiah of The Suns of Couros
**Miriam **of Felix’s Watch
**Miriam **of the Cenotaph,
Morat of Cantiarch’s Hold
**Mordecai **(Captain) of the Suns of Couros
**Moses **of Felix’s Watch
**Myra **of Cantiarch’s Hold[/ul]

[ul]Naomi of Felix’s Watch
Nathanael of the Unbound
**Natsu **of the Suns of Couros
Neariah of the Stone Vigil
Nicanor of Felix’s Watch
Nira of Cantiarch’s Hold,
Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold[/ul]

[ul]Obadiah of Cantiarch’s Hold (Retired)[/ul]

[ul]**Paul **of the Cohort of the Winter Bear
Pipothy of The Stone Vigil[/ul]


[ul]Rachael of the Unbound
Raziel of the Unbound
Rei’i of Cantiarch’s Hold (died E2.3)
Rebekah (Becky) of the Cenotaph
Rivka of The Mirror Pool
Rhodda of The Shattered Tower
Roman of Reumah’s Redoubt
Rosalind of the Cenotaph
Ruth of the Cenotaph
Ruth of Felix’s Watch[/ul]

[ul]Sabaoth of The Shattered Tower
Sabriel of Cantiarch’s hold
Salome of Cantiarch’s hold
Samson of Cantiarch’s Hold
Samson of Felix’s Watch
Samuel of The Stone Vigil (Deceased)
**Saul **of the Cenotaph
Semaiah of The Shattered Tower (Fell in Battle)
Septimus of the Silent Tide
Sheila of Cantiarch’s Hold
**Shemir **of Cantiarch’s Hold (Deceased)
Shelagh of Cantiarch’s Hold
Exarch Silas of the Suns of Couros, Gatekeeper of Vigilance
Simiel of the Shattered Tower
Skinner of the Suns of Couros (The Condemned - Unconquered)
Solomon of Cantiarch’s Hold
Solomon, Exarch of The Shattered Tower
**Solomon **of the Silent Tide[/ul]

[ul]Tabitha of The Bitter Winds, Suns of Couros (Retired)
Talgar, Wandering Priest, briefly of The Shattered Tower (Fell in Battle)
Thaddeus (Jnr) of Cantiarch’s Hold
Thaddeus (Snr) of Cantiarch’s Hold
Toh of The Shattered Tower
Tyrus of Cantiarch’s Hold
Tyrus of The Shattered Tower
Tzeitel of the Cenotaph[/ul]

[ul]Uriel, Exarch of the Cenotaph
Ulrik, of The Shattered Tower[/ul]

[ul]Varathain (Unconquered) of the Suns of Couros[/ul]



[ul]Yael of Felix’s Watch
Yitzhak of Felix’s Watch (deceased E3 - sob!)[/ul]

[ul]Zabbai of Cantiarch’s Hold
Zacchaeus of the Unbound
Zarah of Cantiarch’s Hold
Zarepeth of The Shattered Tower (Fell in Battle)
Zeeb of Cantiarch’s Hold
Zephaniah of Felix’s Watch
Zephram of Cantiarch’s Hold
Zilthai of The Shattered Tower
Zipporah of Cantiarch’s Hold[/ul]

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As long as OP is happy to keep updating, and maybe deleting posts as they’re dealt with, is ok :slight_smile:

To add, soon to be -

Amana of Reumah’s Redoubt, Stephanie Heath (StephH)
Roman of Reumah’s Redoubt, Thomas Heath (no forum ident as he’s 9!)

I’m Ben who plays Aziraphael, for the forum name update and my ‘rank’ is technically Chaplain, if anyone cares.

Joseph is now retired. I’ll be playing Bartholomew in future.


Silas, played by myself, is also Gatekeeper of Vigiliance

This is VERY cheeky but would it be possible for us to have a second list by Group. I saw one of the other nation boards had one and that seems a good idea, especially in Highguard where your Chapter is hugely defining.

Well volunteered :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not maintaining an entire duplicate listing by group, I’m afraid, and sadly this isn’t a proper table and so can’t be sorted easily by different values. However if someone else wants to put it together, I might be convinceable to keep it updated.

The main purpose of this one, IIRC, was mostly as a “help people not duplicate names” guide.

Can you please add Hanna of the Silent Tide. Anu harvey. Thanks

I was thinking about this and wondering is a link to a google doc might be the way to go… that way you can re-arrange by which ever colunm you want to view it easily and several people can update it, as long as it was set to public viewing anyone should be able to see it.

I don’t know if this is a possible problem, but the link would be publically viewable without a login, wouldn’t it? I’d be concerned that it might get spammed by bots.

I personally find GDocs quite annoying to interact with, while a thread is a quick and easy reference by comparison.

The lack of wider editing is an issue, though.

benefit of something like google doc is it can be linked on here and on facebook. so can access where ever you are looking.

Problem is nothing is an ideal.

You could ask PD nicely and get a page put on the wiki for some stuff we now have as well i expect.

Should that be Adielah of the Cenotaph perhaps?


[quote=“Alex Stringer”]

of Cantiarch’s Hold, Annie Catling/Czajkowski

Should that be Adielah of the Cenotaph perhaps?


Yup, Annie is one of ours.

Thanks for this. No reason :wink:

Please amend the table to show:
Damaris of Cantiarch’s Hold (Fell in Battle E4)

Jada of Scions of Ravensfell Andrea Martin

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Please can you remove Sister Chloe of the Suns of Couros. And add Sister ‘Libby’ Elizabeth of the Suns of Couros?