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Hey all! I’m one of the new guys, I just purchased my first ticket to the Spring event. :tada:

I’m currently researching as much as I can, ready to create my character. I’ve decided to spend as few skill points as I can, so as I can save them for while I’m at the event. However, I am of-course required to choose a personal resource upon creation of my character. From what I have read, the Congregation resource seems to be quite interesting. My understanding of the Resource is that it grants the character 10 votes in the Imperial Synod, and produces five doses of Liao.

  • My question is, do the 10 votes mean that a normal character (me), can personally vote in the Imperial Synod? Or do the votes go strait to my chosen nation?

  • Also, can I trade/sell my Liao?

I am interested in this resource because it seems that it will help me to interact with the community, and get immersed in the RP.
Thanks a lot, :deciduous_tree: Jack :deciduous_tree:

The votes are assigned to the character; you personally have ten votes in any number of motions you are eligible to cast judgement on.

Trading/selling liao as as legitimate as trading any other resource; it is completely above board.


Fantastic, sounds good fun. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Excellent choice of resource if I do say so myself (I’m a bit of a fan of the Synod side of the game ;))

Yes you get 10 votes to do with as you please. You’ll be able to vote in the general assembly, you virtue assembly and your national assembly plus you get one judgement to raise in one of those three assemblies. You’ll be able to see all the various judgements up for scrutiny by going to the Hub and checking the various boards, then you can go talk to the Synod Civil Servants about registering any votes you’d like to make. Pro-tip get a small notebook as then you can vote down all the judgement numbers and how you want to vote, as sometimes there can be a lot of them.

Have a read of the last Winds of Fortune as there’s more than a few things there that the Synod were called on to make decisions on as that should give you some of the flavour of the Synod game.

And yes you can sell your Liao, you can try selling it on the field and in your first downtime you will also have the option to sell your Liao income and get money instead. There’s actually something in the Winds of Fortune about that this time, wonder what that’s all about… :wink:

If you’ve got any other questions about the Synod or the “priest” game do ask :smile:.


To clarify: “10 votes” does not mean you can only vote ten times.

It means you can vote on any motions that you’re allowed to vote on (General Assembly, your nation’s Assembly, your virtue Assembly or the Way Assembly if you’re not dedicated, and the Assembly of Nine if you’re a cardinal), and every time you vote, your vote will count as 10 points on whatever side you voted for.

(You can get more voting points if you put resources into making your congregation bigger, or if you get some sort of official Imperial position that comes along with extra votes.)


That’s so helpful, many thanks Mark. Very nicely explained, I’ll be referring to this post quite a lot i think. :wink:

Thanks a lot, Congregation is getting more and more interesting the further I look into it :slight_smile:


Adding my voice to the “congregations are great!” pile!

If you want to play a Synod member, it’s definitely worth making yourself reasonably familiar with the Virtues. If you’re not spending any skill points, you’ll start in the Assembly of the Way as an undedicated priest, but you can quite happily spend your time talking to one of the Virtue Assemblies instead if there’s a particular Virtue you’re interested in pursuing.

If you’re feeling super-keen, the more detailed pages on Imperial theology have a lot of interesting stuff in them. If you only read one of them, I’m tempted to suggest the one on schisms and heresies - it gives a rundown of some of the things other Synod members are likely to frown on, some of which are quite easy to fall into if you’re not aware of them. Heresy and religious debates are much more fun if everyone was intending to have that sort of RP. :wink:

(The Excessionist Heresy, the idea that it’s possible to have too much of a Virtue, is near and dear to me - it’s probably the one I’ve called people on most often in the field. :wink: )


They are some really interesting points, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

One thing that could be useful is to look at the Synod Judgments from the previous event:

To see which ones you could have voted on.

As Bouteillebleu said you could vote on any judgments of your:

General Assembly (the entire Synod: everyone with Congregations)
National Assembly (according to your nationality)
Virtue Assembly (The Virtue that you are dedicated to, or the assembly of the Way if you are undedicated. )

So you can see what you could have voted for.
As a starting player every time you vote it will count as 10 votes.

Different judgments require either a Lesser or Greater Majority to pass.

Lesser Majority, this just requires more votes for than against.

The most important however require a Greater Majority. This requires over half the people who could vote to vote in favour. - Technically abstaining is the same as voting against in a Greater Majority

(I play one of the Synod Civil Service Team who take votes and answer questions.
If you have any questions about how the Synod works, please ask.
We can normally be found in our natural state on a pile of cushions a few yards from the wall. )


It’s worth counting the cost of a congregation. Your liao is generally worth a minimum of 12 Rings and you get 5. Meaning the cost of Synod membership is about 5-6 Crowns a season when you compare it to a Farm’s income.

Make sure you get your money’s worth. You have bought 6 Crowns’ worth of I Have Spiritual Authority. The Synod game can be great fun but you have to engage with it. Here’s some advice that worked for me. I play Martin Orchard, basically a theological detective.

  • Go to the Hub (Big tent with noticeboards, most people can point you at it) and look at the Synod boards. They will have the times of Assembly meetings usually shortly after Time In on Friday.
  • If you’re stuck, talk to a Civil Servant.
  • Read the Judgements (they are on sheets, hung up in the Hub). Gossip about the Judgements while you’re there. Develop some opinions. Vote.
  • Wear a whacking great labyrinth symbol on your kit. Or a seven-spoked wheel as that’s easier to paint or applique. Wear a chasuble, perhaps (they are dead easy, just a cloth oval with a head hole. Looking like a priest means people who need a priest will spot you.
  • Pick something to be outraged about. We’ve got a schism, a Hate sect, a recent Symposium and everything from Vengeance cults to condemnations of Heresy. What the heck? Something should be done! Who’s even Cardinal here?
  • Make some flyers, or do a public ceremony or something. Not a mechanical ceremony with liao, even. Collect tales of personal Virtue, do a pump-up pre-battle speech, or denounce some Heresy at a National meeting. Make yourself stand out from the word go. You are a Priest in the Synod, you have moral and legal authority. Wear it like a big damn popehat.

Have you picked a Nation yet? Different national styles can lock into this in various ways - the role of Synod members in Highguard is a little different to in Dawn, and so on, as a result of Assembly sizes and a few more specific things.

Yup in Highguard they’re the ones who select the Senators, by voting for those they trust the least…the one with the least votes gets in. It all makes sense once you’ve done it a few times :slight_smile: .

I’m looking at possibly joining the Navarr. Would this affect my choice of congregation in any way?

Not the mechanics, just the role you’ll be stepping into in the Navarr as a Guide.

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Just remembered a quite useful thing to note!

The Winds of Fortune - the large-scale plots PD publish information about before the event - are often very relevant to the Synod’s business; it’s worth keeping an eye on them when they come out, which should be in the next week or so. A lot of them will have Synod votes as the main way for players to direct the Empire’s response, and some of them can be very relevant to the practice of the Way and the opinions of the priesthood.

The most obvious of these is the schism over Yael’s claimed revelations, which has been going on for at least a year; plenty of details in previous Winds of Fortune if you’re feeling keen, or this event’s one should bring you up to speed.

Finding some of these to have opinions on and promoting your preferred solutions to them can be an excellent way to get involved with the Synod and get talking to other Synod members.

(The last event’s Synod judgements can sometimes imply where some of these might come from, particularly wide-scale motions that pass with a Greater Majority. It seems likely that the recent Changes of Doctrine will have some consequences, among other things.)

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