Personalised Signs and Rune Disks

Hullo all!

I pyrograph things, and I can make some pretty cool signs and rune disks. Below are some examples:

Signs are £50 and the disks are £1 each for the runes and £1.20 for the Astromancy coins.
If needed I can drill holes in the rune disks so they can be used on jewellery or sewn to clothes too.

If anyone is interested, or would like to commission anything else, PM me on here, or email me - thetriggerbug[at]

Bug xxx

Oooh, cool. Any chance I could get a few from you? Can pick any rune, right?

Still love our sign - thank you so much!

(Calf’s Head Pub - Varuska)

Thanks Erratic!

Yes Sasha, you name the runes and I can bring them next event!

Message me the runes you want and how many holes you would like drilled in them. I.e. - left plain, 1 hole for pendants or 2 holes to be sewn on to clothing / bracelets.

thetriggerbug(at) or PM me on here


What wood are these on, and what’s the finish like - varnished, stained, oiled, other?

I buy unfinished wooden disks from a craft store, and burn the symbols / runes on.
Its very light coloured wood and well sanded so no chance of splinters.

The ones in the images have been left untreated, but I am happy to varnish or rub in linseed oil on request.

Just what I was looking for…

Out of interest, is it possible to tell the astronomancy coins by feel? My character will be blind but I’m not :wink:

There would be slight dents, I could burn the points in slightly deeper for you to make it easier. :smiley:

Some will be MUCH easier to read blind than others - i.e. The Wanderer vs The Great Wyrm.

Let me know what you want and I’ll get them to you at E5, or if you want to start practising I could post them to you.

Are you still doing these?