Physick and Apothocary tools

Was’t sure whether this should be in Navarr, Kit Making or somewhere else so I put it here!

Anyone know some Navarr specific healing styles/techniques/tools and where I could get physreps for the tools?

Broadly - and it’s really entirely up to you - the Navarr tend towards the more ‘physical’ type of healing: think surgery tools, bandages, and fake blood.

You can get LARP surgery tools from a lot of places, including from the traders at events. Etsy will generally have a range of stuff too, and you may find something a bit less mass-produced. LARP Inn have nice surgery kits.

Some general ideas on this thread, and also a link to an even earlier list.

As far as I am aware Navarr seem to like fake blood alot, but after that I’m not too sure. (I’m Highguard, we like clean things, so pretty much the opposite!)

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I’m a navarr physic. You want something easy to use more than anything. Some scraps of bandages are probably the best to use. I tried getting a bit creative by using plastic shot glasses to mimic the sound of cracking bones back in place. But there are only so many pockets to fill so many things.

For herbs it’s always hard to know what people are comfortable to use mid battle. Some people might not like someone rubbing green paste on their arms etc. But you can’t go wrong with some bandages and fake blood.

The rule is always to ask before applying anything to anyone, including bandages and fake blood.

You don’t know allergies, how precious or washable their costume is, or how much effort it took for them to put on their current makeup.

Having a pre-blooded (and dry) bandage is quite good though if they don’t want stains.