Physicks in different nations


I’ve read that every nation has a different way of healing eg. crystals, surgery, balancing humours. But I was wondering what each nation specifically does for medicine and how you incorporate it in with using herbs (like does it actually have any in game effect to do surgery but not use herbs).


A lot of people default to the ‘cut, bandage and stitch’ method but there are certainly other methods in most nations, looking at the Hearth magics and working out how to play them is always a good idea.

Most Traumatic Wounds do not require the use of herbs to treat, they simply require the physick to provide ‘appropriate Roleplay’ for the required time.


I RPd my mystic healer (who is also a mage) as channelling small amounts of magic into the crystals to resonate them. Or to have naturally magical crystals that can attune to the patient, such as pain relief. Using different crystals to “unlock” the herbs potential.

I still completed surgery, but using those same crystals as a means to cut and sew, rather than metal “traditional” tools.

It was my first empire, so ill be building on this at least for the next event.


I could be wrong, but I didn’t think the Wiki specified for each nation a specific different approach to doing medicine/chirurgery for each nation.

Anyway, don’t forget the option of leeches! A little pot or jar of physreps… (rubber ones, or edible gum-sweets…)


I’ve seen it on the forums but not on the wiki


Always trust the wiki over the forums.
Perhaps those people didn’t really mean to say that each nation has its very own way to do medicine, but were making the points that

  • the wiki gives us players a choice of all sorts of different ways for our characters to do medicine, and
  • different approaches would tend to suit different personalities and outlooks, which correspond to different nations.

For example, in Urizen they tend not to like touching people, so they’d be less likely to do stitching and more likely to use (as examples off the top of my head)

  • balancing internal mana-flow by moving hands over the body but not quite touching
  • swinging a pendulum over the wound
  • arranging crystals (or maybe lightstones) in some specific pattern around the patient

whereas a League character from Holburg who has studied anatomy at university might be more likely to use leeches or something more like real-world surgery.


Morien, is basically about as magical a Physik as I think I can get away with, his primary method of healing is basically ‘imagine yourself as a Hydra’. I will use the symbol of the Firebird, instead of actual infection control, or clean wounds out with water empowered with it’s resonance.

Whenever they use herbs IC it’s because the herb resonate with one of the Heraldic Beasts. So Imperial Roseweald is the Firebird and as you breathe in the scent feel a bird of Fire scouring through your body hunting the venom, the infection.


In contrast, I play a healer from Sarvos in the League. Our carta refer to our work as the ‘gutting shed’ - I have a thick apron I keep meaning to get bloodied up, leeches, (blunt plastic) scalpels and probes, so very much a messy hands-on style of healing. Last year, I think I overdid the blood and screaming because two physickers from the hospital went an interesting colour and disappeared halfway through surgery.


My Highborn is still at the cut and stitch side of things, but I do tend to incorporate our hearth magic, so washing (myself, the tools, the patient if possible), encouraging them to draw on the virtues for strength, occasionally a bell if appropriate.


Win! Obviously doing it right*.

* One of the many kinds of right.


If you’re going to fake it rather than using real blood, then bear in mind that old boodstains are brown or even greyish, after washing.
I’m imagining overlapping marks of many different splashes and dribbles and smears, of various ages in various slightly different shades/colours…


Going on a slight tangent, this reminds me of the way that often if I’m playing a character (in any LARP system) who’s new to real combat, then after the character’s first fight (or the first few) I roleplay feeling all shaky and nauseous, maybe throwing up, having trouble looking at corpses to search them, shuddering while cleaning the blood off weapons… that sort of thing.

(I don’t think I can do the colour-changing act on purpose though. That would be a real talent.)


We may have to compare notes and methods at some point in the field.


Step 1: have a good roleplayer who loves to scream fall down in front of you and pass you a wound card.
Step 2: squeeze the bottle of fake blood far harder than you intended.
Step 3: watch the blood soak through many layers of bandages.
Step 4: idly wonder about how fun it will be to remove blood crusted bandages from a hairy chest; maybe should not have used the quick-drying blood for this one…


Would hypnosis be possible to put a wounded person in a trance while healing them? Just an idea


Sure go for it.


Mesmerism as it’s been called IC, has definitely been used for healing. It’s part of my mystic healing toolkit for one thing.