Physik pys-rep question


A last min question from me. I realised that i don’t have surgeons tools to physrep with. Thats ok, i think… as im a mystic… crystals and candles all the way. At least for my first event.

However, i would still need to pysrep herbs etc. Do people have any advise for this? i was thinking about some dried herbs from the super market, or tea leaves…

Are these acceptable?

If your phyrep for herbs is actual herbs, I don’t think you can get more appropriate :wink:
I’ve always used:

  • Cheap mixed herbs for vervain.
  • Red berry fruit tea for Roseweald.
  • Normal tea for Bladeroot.
  • There’s not really anything blue for mazzarine, so I’ve used moisturiser as if you have permission you can rub iy onto people’s arm.
  • For marrowort I’ve used a little bottle filled up with cooking oil as it’s referred to as an oil.

So long as they look like prepared herbal medicines or salves and you can tell them apart they’ll be fine. 5 different colours of incense would work, but I would not light them on the battlefield. Or at all with the fire warning at this event.

A tip for you: Bring a hole punch and punch your herb cards. Then you can hang them off the pouch you keep your physreps in and have them to hand. I also used to make a cut in one side to make them faster to tear. The plastic coating can make them hard to get started.

Thank you, ill add these to my shopping list :slight_smile:

Also remember that most herbs have been prepared; just because it was root when you dug it up out of the ground does not mean it is a root in your bag. Consider ginger; root in the ground, but often sold as a powder or paste. Lots of flowers and leaves get distilled into oil or tisanes, so vervain might be a fragrant oil and roseweald may be a small hipflask of tea.

Be imaginative; if you have a container with something herby or flowery, you have a physrep.


My favourite phys-rep for Cereluan mazzarine was cucumber moisturiser from Boots. Smells plant-like, is designed to be rubbed onto people, and also works on sunburn :slight_smile: