Physreps for Abraxus Stone [Artisan]

Hey all, new artisan to E2, usually I would expect the customer to provide a physrep for a product e.g. their own sword for Apprentice’s Blade.

But I want to gift someone an Abraxus Stone and since then I can’t expect them to have the prepared similar item I wondered how other people represented this item?

Do you buy it online? Make it yourself?

Caveat: I have not had to physrep this item. But if I did this is what I’d do:

So the wiki tells us that ‘the most common form for an Abraxus Stone is a silver or gold band set with a white oval stone, usually inscribed with a crimson or emerald Cavul rune. They are also crafted in the form of amulets, medallions and bracelets, but regardless of the form are usually composed of silver metal.’

My first stop would be my local charity shops, looking for the biggest chunkiest gem pendant I can find in whatever form - brooch, necklace, keyring, belt buckle. Think about who made it - I’d expect an Urizeni artisan to make something beautifully geometric, Dawn might go for swirls and flourishes, Navarri might well leave the gem as plain as possible, mount it in wire and then add leather and beads. You might find something perfect as it is, or just needing a bit of work - acrylic paint or nail polish work nicely on most stone and metal, so you can paint on the Cavul rune.

If charity shops are out for whatever reason, hit up eBay. Real silver is pricey - try ‘miao silver’ and ‘alpaca silver’ as search terms - they’re silver-coloured alloys, usually from China and South America respectively. Alpaca silver in particular you can often get as necklaces and bracelets set with chunks of abalone shell or gemstones.

Hope that helps!

I’m navarr so not looking for fancy, I just wanted to get opinions an accurate physrep :slight_smile:

How’s your fine detail painting? One of these with the Cavul rune and leather thronging would be rather striking:

I have something very similar to this with a red stone, and it feels properly heavy and chunky:

It’ll depend how big they are for if there’s room to enscribe the rune. Otherwise I’d need to consider where else to put it.

But I like the suggestions :slight_smile:

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