Planning a backup character!

I am currently Navarr, and soon to be going into battle. So good to have a backup character prepared right?

When I die I don’t want to suddenly rejoin Navarr, I think WM is overpopulated as is, and I wouldn’t be able to handle the latex to be an orc. So that leaves Marches, Highguard, League, Urizen, Varushka, Dawn, Brass Coast I suppose…

Please tell me the best bits about your home nation to help me decide :smile:

If any of these means I can also reuse bits of my Navarr soft kit, armour or weps then bonus!

May I ask what kind of game you want to have? Some nations are better for certain things than others. Maybe you should take that into consideration. It would also be no good talking about all the great magical stuff you can do with Urizen if you aren’t interested in that.

I also suggest you should look at what the limitations of the nations are. For example, with the brass coast, you will be expected to be honest and there will be a lot of times where you will either have to pressure people for coin or be pressured for coin depending on whether you are providing services or someone else is. This means if you want to be a confidence trickster, the brass coast may not be the best nation for that. The league are a lot more suited to that kind of thing.

Do you mind sharing pictures of your kit? It is difficult to know which group it would fit with, without seeing what it looks like.

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I am currently an Artisan and Physick, who trades alot. I will probably trade in future characters but not focus on it as a prime objective. I probably wont be a physician again, but could possibly heal with magic.

I am interested in these sorts of character ideas: Scout with marksman, pure combat skill fighter, battle mage, Autumn or Night ritualist.

The freeborn honesty wouldn’t be a problem for me although I’m not a fan of the bright colour scheme.

Unfortunately don’t have photos of my kit but it consists of dark greens and browns. Not to worry if it doesnt fit with another nation though, as thats not the most important aspect of choosing the nation

If I remember correctly, High guard is in to Night, not sure about anyone who is in to autumn though. If you do want to be an archer then Dawn might not be the best place as they sort of look down on it. I think the Marchers like their archers but can’t completely remember. Uziren of course is good for ritualists and things like that. Any of the nations could work for combat though I feel High guard, Dawn and the marches work the best for that. I don’t know much and about Varushka so I can’t make a comment there. I hope this helps.

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Highguard could always use more Unconquered archers! Sneaky folk with bows, skirmishing through the woods, sounds like a good way to roll some skills - and leather armour, if you have it - from one nation to another.


I was just going to say that. I suddenly remembered over dinner.

Also fun fact for you @JDodds, you don’t have to wear bright colours to be freeborn. If you want you can wear black and mix it with maybe some dark red or other such colours. If you did, you would have to be the Kohan archetype which means you are a warrior and will do a lot of fighting but that kills two birds with one stone for you. In the brass coast, black symbolises death. People will be uncomfortable with you wearing it but death is what you provide so it is appropriate for your character.

@IWillGetThingsRong that IS good to know indeed, thank you for the update :sunglasses:

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No problem. I recommend you talk to someone with a bit more experience of the brass coast customs, just to be sure and to see how you can go about making the costume. The brass coast facebook page would probably be good for that if no one on here can help.

If you’re after a combat skills fighter in greens and browns there is a Dawnish House in those colours at the moment :slight_smile:

House Tallstag (monster hunters) may be of interest to you. You could certainly play a yeoman archer with them as well.

That said, with a simple base layer and a bright (cheap) tabard over the top, Dawn can be pretty easy to do. How do you feel about heavier armour? :slight_smile:


I havent tried wearing heavier so I’d have to test it first :slight_smile:

The green and brown, is that House Vexille - House Pel, or was that House Tallstag?

House Vexille tends towards emerald green, light green, and gold trim. House Tallstag goes for mid-green and tan, with silver trim.

And while you can certainly Dawn it up as a battlemage (I do, 3rd Dawnish character), the classic look is a little heavier, whether light (1st Dawnish PC, physick), or medium (2nd Dawnish PC, knight), but the classic look is of course full plate.

That said,there are a few in resin plate; looks nice, counts as medium, a fraction of the wieght…

Oh yeah if I’d ever commit to Dawn I couldn’t not do some fancy metal armour :wink:

Hello, Varushkan here! If you like a weird combo of spooky and happy bakers, then we might be your bag :slight_smile: We’ve had an influx of newbies over the past year or so that has really opened the nation up more.

As far as skills go, the nation is quite into the battles and skirmishes, so any fighting skills could fit in - we don’t have many archers (not necessarily a bad thing as you’d be even more useful), and we can always do with pure fighters and battlemages. We have a small Autumn coven and a large Night coven, both of which would likely be willing to take you in. We also have a few traders, so you’d be in good company if you continued trading.

Downside is that your current kit wouldn’t fit sadly - Varushka is all about colour with embroidery around the edges. But, as you say, it’s not the most important factor when choosing a nation!

EDIT: best bits, hmm… There’s a definite feeling of “family” (not necessarily in the literal sense) in Varushka, everyone tends to look out for each other. We often have songs and stories around the hearth fire in the middle of the camp in the evenings (we even have our own drama group now!), and hospitality is a big thing for us so you’re unlikely to ever be turned away from a tent. Plus, we have the gribblies but still know how to have fun, even if it is often tinged with a bit of spookiness!

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Marchers, especially Beaters do well in brown and green kit, and you can take the look away from Navarr with a suitable hat and maybe a pewter badge.

  • Beaters are scouts and quite ofter archers. Battle mage also makes a lot of sense with Paralyse or Entangle to capture criminals.
  • Threshers hunt sorcery and those who practice it. Unassuming colours are good there. They can work as a battlemage or ritualist who directly investigates with Detect Magic or divinations, or a combat character with a lot of knowledge.
  • Autumn and Night are both good to get into as a Marcher. There’s the big Autumn farm ritual once a year, and a lot of poking plot with Night magic.

Best bits:

  • If you like the social atmosphere of a central Navarr campfire, you’ll probably like Merricks’ community tent.
  • A feeling of shared community set against grudges ranging from the serious to the bizarrely petty.
  • Lots of interesting mythology/culture briefs and plot. Landskeepers are great and don’t even need any mechanical magic.
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Selling Urizen we have uite a large Autumn (and Night) coven you could join. Seperate covesn themselves, but both ould happily take new members.

We could always use more archers, we have a couple of people dedicated to archery in the nation, and I know they’re happpy to have people help. Plus Urizen characters are always different and obviously a change to most other nations.

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One method to help you focus down on a few nations is see which ones you like the look and feel for. Have a look through the last few posts on Beth Dooner’s Tumblr as she’s done a post for each nation: .

My recommendation would be to lean in hard to any of the aesthetics in a nations brief rather than use stuff on the edges. So you could probably be an unconquered from Highguard with your current kit and a black tabard, but bright colours are a central part of the Brass Coast look.

But the good thing about BC costume is it’s easy to pick up cheap online or potentially in charity shops depending on where you are in the UK.


Yeah, as a Leaguer, I have to say that our brief rewards commitment. There are a few different directions you can go, especially when it comes to mercenary companies with a collective aesthetic, but you can usually tell a Leaguer from across the field.


Seems like Autumn and Night are popular no matter where you go! :joy:

I may have to make a few characters, hard choices ahead.


I play some eldritch combination of Autumn Magic, Bawdy Humour, Honest Prosperity and Several Browns, and if any of that sounds like fun then you will find co-conspirators in the Marches.

To be honest I only understood half of what you said :sweat_smile::thinking: